7 thoughts on “THE MACHETE

      • You’d freak and probably hate me if I showed you the pic of when I first moved to Alaska and was vegetarian. The pic is really gory and we look like such a bunch of redneck hicks lol. I will spare you and your readers the gruesome image.

        I helped a family with 8 children clean,haul and butcher a moose because most of the kids were too little to help and the meat has to be taken care of quickly or it spoils and becomes useless. Anyways in the pic we all have these huge ass knives and machetes because it was the only thing big enough to really work.

        • Naw. I might get a little queasy about it, but we’re not really the types of vegetarians to get all upset over people eating meat. In fact, I tend to have a ton of respect for the people who slaughter and clean their own meat – they have a better understanding of what’s involved in getting food to their table, and (at least this is the assumption I make) go for cleaner, more humane kills, since it seems like those would yield the most usable meat.

          Hunting for sport might be another matter. It would depend on a couple things, for me: skill of the hunter; weapons used; whether traps were used; whether the species is overpopulating an area; etc….

  1. Awesome! He’d fit in down here in my neck of the wood. (TX) I’ve seen 1 of my neighbors using a machete to whack weeds last summer. lol

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