Freebies giveaway (literally, a *give*away – no contest needed)

(Well, except a race to be first to claim what you want. But you know.)

Uh, so here’s the update: It’s 9:46pm, I’ve got everything packed up, sanitized all the lippies, and I am FUCKING KNACKERED. I WAS planning on running out to the post office tonight and mailing these puppies out – but 1-I’m knackered, and 2-I suspect that the overnight drop-off hatch will be locked by now. I don’t really know what it’s deal is, only that it’s sporadically open, even though supposedly you can put mail in it all night. But with my luck, and as tired as I am, it will definitely be locked. So I will mail packages tomorrow, which is what I’d planned on doing originally anyway.

I *think* I’ve kept the list up-to-date, marking off stuff as it gets claimed – but I’m not 100% sure. So, give me a day or two to make sure it’s caught up – or don’t wait, and take your chances. 🙂 (I’ve got a meet-up tomorrow night – no idea how late it will run, or whether I’ll have time tomorrow night to update the list, but I should be able to get around to it over the weekend at the latest.)

Right. I’m going to go faceplant into my pillows. Whew! And yay for decluttering (even a small bit of destashing counts), and yay for unused makeups going out to new, loving homes. And now, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


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