So, yeah, my life is pretty hilarious

This just happened over IM:


Kathy: shit
and it’s cheap enough to be a monthly little-something
do you want it?

grogthecaveman: umm… i just ordered one

Kathy: you’ll have to —

Apparently, he got it for yard-cleaning. Bushwhacking. I made him promise not to wind up too hard and take his own legs out on the follow-through. Crazy.
(This year I decided I’d get him a “little something” every month, instead of just on “regular” gift-giving occasions. Just a little something to spoil my hubbin – like the first thing was a Samsung a777, because his phone’s screen died, and he’d been using a friend’s old Blackberry and it was dumb, so, now he has a phone that works and isn’t dumb, so yay. Except that while looking for that phone, I discovered that Amazon has HELLA DISCOUNTED blingy rings, y’all. FUCKITY FUCK. So OF COURSE I had to buy myself a ridiculous expensive ring with a cushion-cut green topaz and like…I don’t even know. SHINIES. It has SHINIES, okay? And it was marked down from like $149 to $25. How am I supposed to resist that? Please explain this to me. So, yeah, my wishlist on Amazon for rings/jewelry is about to get INSANE. On the other hand, for a ring that, as far as I know, only has semi-precious stuff on it – how is it that expensive in the first place? Like, how is that normal retail price? It’s hella cute, though. But not cuter than the shiny Greg gave me, which is 1-my birthstone and 2-princess cut, which is awesome and DUH because I am a princess. No, I’m not too old to act like this and be obsessed with shinies; you shut up. :P)


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