Happy birthday to me! We kind of did most of the celebrating over the weekend, and I don’t really like to party hard, so it was more…gentle celebrating:
-Thursday: Greg presented me with my present early: a beautiful SHINY! (I am a total magpie and loooooooove “shinies.”) Unfortunately, it was two sizes too big, so he whipped out some calipers (I don’t even know why he has them, but they are handy), we measured, and he sent it back for the right size.
-Friday night: Indian food; getting D&D minis from SciFi Genre; having a birthday cake shot (with vanilla vodka instead of lemon – infinitely better!) at home; watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and laughing so hard; going to sleep at a decent-ish time
-Saturday: sleeping in, while Greg made chili for dinner, and a Coca-Cola cake for me for my birthday, since I’d asked*; shooting a Disney Villains tute (Madam Mim!) for the Makeup Heroes; playing a 30-second game of Werewolf, the card game (total noob moderator, c’est moi!); playing D&D til midnight, with two or three birthday cake shots throughout the evening; going to bed very happy
-Sunday: sleeping in; making up some time at work (only 3.5 hours, it was good); another birthday cake shot; editing the Madam Mim tute
-today (my actual birthday): going to work; getting my SHINY in the right size! (yay it came in time!); having pizza for dinner; going to Jay and Lara’s to watch the Tim & Eric Chrimbus Special – where I had another birthday cake shot, and Jay & Lara gave me Milano cookies, and Paul & Joey brought cupcakes, and it was totally sweet, and I got to lay on the floor and snuggle with dogs (Jonah & Algebra – and Jonah TOTALLY let me hug her and spoon her and get all up in her grille without getting grumpy, because she loooooooves me, and I looooooove her).

*I used to have Coca-Cola cake *every single birthday* when I was growing up. It was my favorite. I haven’t had it in ages, so I dug the recipe out and asked Greg if he’d make it for me – and holy shit, BEST EVER!!!! He used a different icing recipe that I’d never had before, and it’s the BEST! (Basically, sugar, margarine, walnuts, and marshmallows. UNF, so good. Far superior to just chocolate icing. Yeah, I said it.)

And MY SHINY! I can’t stop looking at it! I love it so much! Greg has really got my number: shiny things; silver over gold EVERY TIME (ick, do not like gold jewelry on me); detailed bands; semi-precious stones over precious ones every time. I just think diamonds are gross – “conflict” or otherwise. (Because really, “conflict”? Isn’t that a bit understating and insulting to the people who are utterly debased and exploited and abused to get those diamonds?) Plus, diamonds don’t sparkle enough for me. I like the uber-sparkly stuff, which is RHINESTONES! And SEMI-PRECIOUS stuff! And I’m also WAY into crystals and stuff these days, and woowoo hippy stuff like astrology – so he got me my birthstone! LOVE IT TO PIECES! Sorry I’m being all obnoxiously braggy, y’all, but hot damn, I fucking love this ring, and can’t stop fawning over it. (Plus? TOTALLY under $50. How awesome is that shit? I was like, “I LOVE IT!…but you totally went over the limit, didn’t you?” (We set a limit on gifts because otherwise we’d both go crazy spoiling each other, and that’s just unnecessary.) And when he promised it wasn’t even that close to $50, I was like, “FOR REAL?!……You may have just created a monster. Yo wife may expect cheap, glorious shinies like this more often now. Ahem. At least at gift-appropriate times.” Fuck I love shinies. If I were a D&D character, I would TOTALLY be a fastbadger. Shinies!)

THIS? TOTALLY my kind of partying. And for those of you playing along at home, that’s a total of about ten shots worth of alcohol. (Because it’s 1:1 Frangelico to vanilla vodka, and Greg kept mixing it in one glass and handing it to me, rather than splitting it with me.) That’s more alcohol than I’ve had, um, for the previous two years, no lie. I do NOT drink. But it was my birthday, and birthday cake shots are pretty delicious. Although I’m kind of over them now, and ready to get back on that “drink a shit ton of water and pee all the time” train. Drinking alcohol on the regular – even small amounts – makes me feel dried out, especially the skin on my face, blecch. And we all know that I’m only getting vainer and vainer and more concerned about “showing my age” now that I’m 32. (I know, I know: it’s utter bullshit. The feminist in me is like, “Fuck this shit.” But my inner peacock is like, “What? It’s just a little cleanser, a little toner, a little moisturizer……What’s that? You think this is age-defying serum? Noooooo. None of that around here…..No, no need to check that shelf….What’s that over there? Is that the newest issue of The Nation?! (whew, she took the bait)”. 🙂 )

UGH. This birthday has been the most epic yet!!! Which is AWESOME – don’t get me wrong. However. Next year? Get this: I will turn 33 (significant-ish number, also symmetrical), and the date will be 12/12/12 (totes symmetrical and significant, and also double our anniversary, 6/6/06). So I already feel like I need to do something SUPER SPECIAL for next year. But this year’s was so PERFECT, I just don’t even know. UGH. So, feeling a little pressure there, ngl. But no real complaints, because YAY!!!!


4 thoughts on “32!

  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a busy and fun weekend! The cake looks great! Go Greg! And LOVE the ring! He did good on that!

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