FOTD: Sparkly, sparkly, catchee magpie (12/07/11)

A shitty day calls for sparkles, okay? (Even if the ones I’ve SLATHERED on my eyes in an attempt to get them to show up on camera, DON’T show up on camera. Oh well, sigh. That’s why you’ve got the cheek shot, so you can get a better idea of how they looked in real life. Also – aren’t the flakies in that lipgloss amazing?)

-Majolica Majorca Majolicence (eyelids, cheeks, temples)
-Benefit BADgal Lash (starting to grow on me, actually)
-Hard Candy Glossaholic (with the pervo applicator – it feels so dirty) in Fairy (tastes like vanilla cupcakes, holy shit)


2 thoughts on “FOTD: Sparkly, sparkly, catchee magpie (12/07/11)

  1. Hot dayum, vanilla cupcakes?? Sounds amazeballs. And I love the super-sparkle shot of your cheek. The camera flash makes you look all glowy and magical.

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