FOTD: Vic’s Sweet Escape (11/27/11)

My grrl Vic was kind enough to send me a goodie package chock-full of, well, goodies. And by “kind enough” I really mean “un-fucking-believably generous, and spoiled the everloving shit out of me.” Really. I am goddamn spoiled. Even Greg eyed up that package and was like, “Shit. Uh, don’t get accustomed to that much spoilage. At least not from me.” (And then I just laughed at him, because he spoils me plenty anyway, and besides, when you expect to be spoiled, well, then you really are a spoiled brat, and that’s gross.) BUT – nonetheless, Vic spoiled the everloving shit out of me, and also – naughty, naughty Vic! – introduced me to some, ahem, higher-end goodies than I am used to. That I now am convinced I neeeeeeeed, for better or for worse. (shifty/innocent eyes) The less hoity-toity items I love the shit out of, too (moreso because they are gorgeous and pigmented and sparkly! and won’t kill my wallet) – but holy fuckballs (or as my auto-correct likes to put it “holy duckbills”), LANCOME!!!! This is seriously the first Lancome I’ve ever had the pleasure of having, and what. the. fuck. Vic, I love you dearly, but you may have just created a monster. Not that *I’m* complaining, mind. Just that, you know, certain husbands may be cursing your name when they get dragged to a Lancome counter and have to wait while I fawn all over the goodies. Ahem. Anyway, since it was my first time using Lancome at all, I was a bit intimidated, so I decided to keep it simple. And holy shit, I love it so much anyway. These Colour Dose doodads are GLORIOUS, I tell you! I hear they’re fantastic as bases, but look at them! They are gorgeous on their own, too. Actually, there just might have been a little bit of crowing over how smooth it was (“like buttah” might actually have been said, with some sighing), that day in NY, and *some people* (philistines I won’t name *cough*our hosts and my husband*cough cough*) might have chuckled at my cooing over it, but fuck ’em. It’s my precioussssss. I will croon to it if I want to.

-Lancome Colour Dose EyeColor and Base in Spice Island
-L’Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense
-L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes in Blackest Black
-Hi-Fi Cosmetics Spotlight Lip Glaze in Sweet Escape


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