Sorry for not posting!

UGH! I meant to schedule posts to go up over Thanksgiving, and I certainly wore makeup more days we were in New York than not. But while we were up there, I was too busy to post, and then when we got back I needed an extra to recuperate, and have been SUPER busy making up time at work. (I’m talking twelve and a half hour days, sometimes.) And all that’s resulted in being too tired when I get home to blog. Sorry! I made up a shitload of work yesterday, and, true to form, stayed home today to rest – only I guess I was more stressed/sick than I realized, because after letting work know I’d be out today, I went back to sleep and slept through til six o’clock, only getting up briefly to scarf lunch before passing back out. WTF. (Actually, I have a pretty good idea what’s going on, and I blogged about it over here.)

Anyway, posts are coming, I promise, just as soon as I can catch up on shit. Which should be, uh, tomorrow night. It would be tonight, but I am about to pass back out, after being up for three hours. WTF, me?


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