FOTD: No glasses for Kate (11/15/11)

I don’t even know where I get these “look titles.” Just pull them out of my ass, I guess. Sometimes I consider giving up and not doing them anymore, but…really, I just want to see how low I can go. Like, what’s the worst title of all time that I can come up. Which means I have to keep titling them, right, if at some point in the future (when, presumably, I’ve stopped blogging about FOTDs), I can look back and go, “OH YEAH, THAT ONE! It was the WORST! What an awful fucking name.” Anyway. This one, is from wearing a Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick, and trying on the Warby Parker glasses. I didn’t even bother wearing any of them for a full day – I hated ALL of them, and so did Greg. Blecch. No bueno.

-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion
-Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara
-Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Primer (upper lashes)
-Hard Candy 1,000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Mascara in Midnight Black (upper lashes)
-e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara (brows)
-Skin79 Diamond Collection The Prestige bb cream
-MAC Prep+Prime Lip
-Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 02

Kate 02 looks alot like MAC Rare Exotic in pictures. I may have to swatch them side-by-side and see if they’re the same. Hmm.

Here’s me in my regular glasses (Nicole Miller Applique in Blue LaLa):

And here are the Warby Parker glasses, which…are nice, but don’t suit my tastes at all.





And these are why:
1-I pick out glasses from a real store.
2-I’m DAMN happy Warby Parker has a try-on program, because holy shit, I cannot pick frames online to save my damn life.


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