General Tso’s Tofu!!!

More pics and recipe below.

I generally use the General Tao’s Tofu recipe from Vegweb – but I fucking HATE breading tofu. Or whatever you call it when you smother it in cornstarch and fry that shit up. It splatters EVERY FUCKING WHERE and it BURNS. So I skip that step, and use tofu puffs from the Asian grocer instead. They’re already cooked, and delicious.

This time, in addition to a package of tofu puffs, I threw in a little can of braised tofu I found at LiMing’s Global Market. It looked like it might be worth trying, and holy shit, it was awesome.

So, basically, I skipped all the tofu prep, and went right to cooking the ginger, garlic, and tofu in oil for about three minutes. I forgot to get green onions, so I just skipped that. And I also derped out on the vegetable stock – usually we have several cans in the pantry, but not this time. So I used about one third tomato sauce and two thirds water, at Greg’s suggestion, and it worked fine. Sugar, soy sauce, sherry, vinegar, red pepper flakes. And because I wasn’t using cornstarch, I added some arrowroot powder to the pot to thicken the sauce a bit. Like…a tablespoon? And then made some barley instead of rice, and there you go. It was fucking awesome. And that braised tofu? AMAZING. And kind of grossly meatlike in appearance.


2 thoughts on “General Tso’s Tofu!!!

  1. I’ll be honest, I’ve only ever eaten barley in those pre-made soups so I have no idea where to find it for this application, but MEIN GOTT it looks so good. Just have to trick Mr. Mango into eating fake meats. Baby steps.

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