Sick like a little baby

UGH. So, I woke up this morning with a rash on the back of my neck that hadn’t been there last night. Decided that, coupled with my ongoing “seasonal allergy” symptoms (which are pretty gnarly and flu-like sometimes), and my more recent couple days of nausea and, ahem, “stomach upset,” it was probably time to go see a doctor. So I did. Because I’d hate to be sick over Thanksgiving, especially if it ended up I needed antibiotics and could’ve started them today, you know? They always take a couple days to kick in and make me feel better, so I figured better today than Thanksgiving. Especially given the gnarly throat infection I had a couple Winters ago (was it last Winter? that seems too recent…) that I let go until I seriously thought I was dying. And then the week of waiting to start feeling better was hell.

Anyway. I’m not feeling that bad at all – just really, really, really exhausted and rundown for the most part, today. My joints ache, my nausea’s put in brief appearances, but it’s mainly just extreme tiredness. My doctor thinks it’s already been around for about three days, and so should finish its course in the next three to four, so that’s good news. I’m just unwarrantedly ill about the rash – apparently it’s something adults get rarely, but kids get “all the time” with viruses, so I feel childish, even though it’s not my own fault. Whatever.

All of this is by way of saying: Sorry I’m still not caught up on all y’all’s posts and commenting on blogs, and replying to comments on *this* blog, and also I may not post for a couple more days. While I sleep the fuck out of some sleep, and drink lots of water. It could be WAY worse though, on so many scales (a pretty badass woman I know just got diagnosed with Rocky Mountain, and that’s shit; another badass woman’s having serious problems that were caused by *her* bout with Rocky Mountain; another badass woman I know has Lyme’s, and she’s fucking hardcore and doesn’t complain, but it seems pretty brutal; I know several people battling with cancer at the moment, to varying degrees of success; and the poor soul I most likely caught this bug from had violent vomiting and diarrhea) – so all in all, no complaints here. Just a smidge of petulant whining about this rash, that seems to be spreading. But really, I’m fine. Just tired. And now to drink a shitload of water, hit up the vitamin C and cortisone cream again, and go back to bed. See y’all when I’m back up to snuff, and hope you’re all well and healthy and happy and joyous and all that hippy stuff. ❤

(PS – what the fuck IS it with badass women getting sick with the heavy hitters – Rocky Mountain, Lyme’s, cancer, neuromuscular shit? DO NOT LIKE. Dear Universe, once is an occurrence, twice is maybe a weird synchronicity, but the vast numbers of badass women I know with serious health problems? NOT COOL. Quit it or get it. I may not be religious, but I can’t quite believe death is the finite end – and I will bitch your ass out if this shit continues to be a pattern. Dear my badass women with serious health problems, I LOVE YOU! Wishing you well, and sending you as much healing thoughts as I can. Take care of yourselves as best you can, because, well, I need y’all. Okay?)


One thought on “Sick like a little baby

  1. Did you meet these women before or after their respective diagnoses? I’m wondering if some of their badassery comes from dealing with such serious health issues and doing how they do in spite of it. It’s hard NOT to be badass if you have a serious disease and refuse to let it define and constrict your life.

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