TiLT!: 11/17/11

-international newspaper subscriptions on my Kindle
-3:15pm Milk Tea (genius! and delicious!)
-finally checking out LiMing’s Global Market, and it is AMAZING – the meat substitutes are INCREDIBLE, the prices are great, holy shit, love it, love it, love it
-the weather today: gloomy, overcast, rainy, the right amount of chilly – just perfect for me
-having Goddess Leonie respond to a comment I made on her facebook page, and Sybil Buck comment on this blog – pretty much in fangrrl heaven right now, lots of mental squee-ing
-making KICKASS General Tso’s tofu last night with puffed tofu and – Greg’s new favorite, and I think mine, too – braised gluten; seriously, it is fucking awesome – I’ll have to do a post on it, so y’all vegetarian readers can see the gloriousness
-walking past a campus building on my lunch break, and hearing an orchestra practice (lovely!)
-waking up this morning with Chalupa sitting on my butt and Skeeter on my feet (they rarely snuggle *me*, they usually go straight for Greg, so I’ve been enjoying the cat-love lately; AND – Skeeter’s been getting under the covers to snuggle with me, even! he NEVER does that for me)
-just generally being in a glorious, joyous, thankful mood today – I’m enjoying the fuck out of it while it lasts, I am so happy and gleeful it’s almost (almost!) sickening
this article, from the Guardian, about why happy people have a “rose-tinted” outlook
-looking forward to Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones 🙂
-still working on top secret crafty projects for others

ACK – how could I forget these uber lovely and luminous and wise and light-filled and just fucking RIGHT-ON words from my gorgeous friend Kimmie (who I hope doesn’t mind me posting them here, but I’m figuring not, since I reposted them on fb and she was cool with it; reblogging is just like sharing on fb, right? o.O):
“OK, so, this is what’s up. We’re all going to die, right? And there’s no money after that, no matter what you believe happens to you when you die. So what’s money good for? Its a symbol of an energy exchange that takes place between people. We are all living on the planet, trying to make it, trying to love each other. Money is something that comes and goes, in and out, like the tide. It gets redistributed again and again. Its not something that belongs to any one person or people. Its something we use to help take care of each other while we’re still breathing. When I’m in need, those I love are in a place to help me. When they’re in need, I am in a place to help them. Its all the same money. Necessary in our world today, yes. But only as a means to spread love and exchange energy with each other. When you give of yourself, no matter what the means or method, you are making room and opening yourself up to receive. When you receive, you are filling yourself up to give. Fill what is empty, and empty what is full. Take what you need today so that you can give it back to the next person, and do so with grace, gratitude, and love. And know that when you are able to give, it is in fact a gift. :)”

SO FUCKING BRILLIANT, am I right? She’s amazing. I love her.


One thought on “TiLT!: 11/17/11

  1. Kimmie sounds like a wise woman. Milk tea sounds intriguing. I need to figure out where I stashed all of my tea during the move so I can investigate.

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