Obviously, I’ve dyed my hair again. I used L’Oreal’s Sublime Mousse in 41 Iced Dark Brown – and it looks black, so far, until the light hits it, and then some of it looks brown. I like it. I like darker colors for Winter. I’m already lusting after pastel hair again, no surprise, but I figure I’ll stick with dark for a while and get my kicks through extensions and shit. Before I run off and color strip this fucker again and risk frying it. 😀 Here it is, after an EXTREMELY RARE OCCURRENCE: after washing it, I blow-dried it, and then flat-ironed it. I NEVER blow-dry. I am so impatient. So this is a rare moment. And it came out, uh, flat. I don’t know what I was expecting. Although the next day it was pretty nice: straight, but not too flat.

I just kind of got a bug up my ass either the 6th (Sunday) or the 8th (Tuesday) and ran out and got the dye and dyed it that night. That’s kind of how it happens with me, huh. I float haircolor ideas until finally I get a bug up my ass and then shit gets done RIGHT THEN. No patience. Hee.


2 thoughts on “Hairdoings

  1. For the love of god, is there any hair colour that doesn’t kick ass on you?!? The dark colour looks sooo good with the fringe and blunt chop. I seriously need to get something done with my hurr, it’s a complete mess!

  2. Great color! Really like you with dark hair! I’ve went dark for winter too. And I’m with you, I never blow dry or iron my hair. Maybe 2x a year, it I’m lucky!

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