FOTD: Sultry Raven? (11/4/11)

I felt like this was a bit too much for work (I know! for me, even), but Greg liked it quite a bit. I did think it was pretty – I just wasn’t expecting the highlight color to have so much oomph to it. It’s very….shimmery. Although it’s not as in-your-face in the photos as it was in real life.

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-L’Oreal Studio Secrets Project Runway Pressed Eyeshadow Quad in Sultry Raven’s Gaze (purple on lid; dark purplish grey in crease; silver as brow highlight; black smudged on top of liner, and lower lashline – pretty much how they tell you to do the “Sultry Raven” look on the tear-off sheet)
-Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner in True Black
-tarte for True Blood Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara
-e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara (brows – which really need to be waxed already)
-Skin Food Platinum Grape Cell Essential BB Cream SPF45 PA+++
-L’Oreal Project Runway Super Blendable Blush in Sultry Raven’s Blush
-MAC Prep+Prime Lips
-L’Oreal Project Runway Colour Riche lipstick in Sultry Raven’s Pout
-Buxom Big & Healthy Baby Lip Polish in Sasha

Nails for the week were, of course, Raven’s Strength. Although to be honest, I painted them over the weekend, so by the time I wore this look they were starting to chip. And that polish is DAMN hard to photograph. (Or maybe I’m just a moron. I took tons of pics, and this is the clearest I could get the *polish* to turn out.)

I do like this collection – I just don’t really get the naming. Ravens make me think oily, sheeny, beetle-y, blue-green-shimmery black. Not so much purple, and definitely not *this* purple. Make a sheeny, oily black with a purple duochrome, but not straight-up purple. I like the quad, I just…don’t really get it. The shades in the Cockatoo collection do kind of remind me of a cockatoo’s colors. Owl is just….well, it’s just metallics, isn’t it? And a red lip. Nice, but not very owlish. And then there’s Audacious Amazon (which I didn’t pick up, because I didn’t like it). *I* know there are tons of types of parrots called Amazon parrots – but does the general public? The name just seems less-than-obviously bird-related, and therefore somewhat incongruous with the rest of the collection. But I nitpick.


7 thoughts on “FOTD: Sultry Raven? (11/4/11)

  1. I really like this look! I don’t think it was too much for work, especially since you kept the rest of your face neutral. The polish is a great color! Guess I’m not real familiar with the collection…

  2. Oooh I do love it when you do a dark, dramatic eye look! You know, it’s completely not in my nature, but I really like the Sultry Raven lipstick that you’re wearing AND IT’S A NUDE!!!! It’s just the right mix of pink and beige… Hmmmm may have to look and see when (and if) this collection is coming over here!

  3. Dang, that lipstick is beautiful. I love pinky-nudes like that. And that’s DEFINITELY not too much for work, especially since you wear glasses. It seems like glasses help make intense eye makeup seem more subtle, for some [magical?] reason.

    I see what you mean about it not being very “raven-y”. First thing the palette made me think of was a pigeon, to be honest, with the greyed-purples. I love pigeons so it’s not a bad thing. The only ones that really suited their inspirations were the Amazon and Cockatoo palettes, and even that’s stretching it.

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