OOTD: 11/3/11

Fairly simple – boring, really. Much less arty than it looks on that polyvore set. I’m not sure how I feel about polyvore, to be honest. On the one hand, I don’t have to pose for an outfit shot, and worry about my pose, and getting all of me in the shot, and it being flattering (which, as a fat lady, is a concept I should tell to “get fucked” already, but yeah, still nattering on in my head). On the other hand, this is like….a no-brainer outfit for me, and yet on polyvore, it looks like I might actually have some smidgeon of style, right? Does that make it disingenuous? I’ve been thinking about doing more outfit posts (mainly in an effort to get myself to actually THINK ABOUT and plan out what I’m going to wear, rather than just reach for the first thing that smells clean) – so, actual pictures, or polyvore? I mean, I’d faithfully reproduce what I wore on polyvore. If it was like a made-up, fantasy look I’m imagined up, I’d tell you. But anyway, photos or polyvore? Or both? Or either?

Anyhoodle, here’s today’s look. The wedding band is exact; the other two rings are very close approximations (since I could not find my exact rings sold online, and therefore could not use the clipper tool; nor where they in polyvore’s catalog of images). The shoes are also close approximates. As is the necklace – I didn’t buy it, and the key looks almost exactly like that, but Greg found it for me during a special time, so it has sentimental value, and I just wear it on a spare chain. And the sweater’s reading a little navy to me, on our screen, but it should be black. (Lots of provisos here, huh.) Also, I didn’t show my leggings, as they were under my jeans (it is cold in the mornings now, y’all):

11/3/11 ootd

The shirt’s also an approximation, since it’s my Alloy ballet neck raw edge tee, and the only pics you can find of it these days are on google, and the clipper tool won’t play with google, boo fucking hoo. And the jacket – I got mine from Torrid, but it’s the same exact pattern, cut, faux fur, so looks like Forever21 got the “regular” sizes and Torrid got the “plus” sizes, but it’s comfy as a motherfucker.

Oh, and that circular scarf?! I FUCKEN LOVE IT TO PIECES! It is so comfy and versatile – a smashing cowl, and can be worn as a scarf and hood in a pinch. And they still have it for cheap at Forever21 – probs going to pick up another in black, and then one in dusty pink. Not feeling the fuchsia too much, to be honest.


6 thoughts on “OOTD: 11/3/11

  1. Oh I’ve never heard of Polyvore before,this looks like fun! That scarf looks cozy,I need to dig mine out of hibernation….it was 19 out today BrrrrRRrr! What’s the temperature there? I’m not ready for Winter yet,are you?

  2. Use whatever tickles your pickle for showing outfits.

    Polyvore is nice because it lets users see what the elements look like without covering them up, but obviously context is missing; live action shots have the benefit of context and size relations (I always imagine necklaces as being huge so sometimes I have a distorted mental image of how they look) but it can be difficult getting good shots, especially early in the day.

    That circular scarf does look amazing. I can’t wait until I have time to get my ass back to knitting/crocheting again so I can make, liek, fifty of those.

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