I feel like I did a shitty job on my BCA post

I really should’ve linked y’all to some info, or talked a bit about, you know, breast cancer, instead of just slapping up a pink makeup look. I mean, pink makeup is cute, but….there wasn’t alot of substance in that post, you know? So, here’s some substance.

The Scar Project – a fantastic and really powerful project


American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer page

-If you’re looking to donate, the Susan G. Komen Foundation is my favorite, for breast cancer. Otherwise, hit up that American Cancer Society. (Or your cancer-related charity of choice. Those two are just my personal faves.)

Check your boobs regularly. DO IT. If you’re a bit squeamish like me, maybe your partner will be (ahem) happy to help out. (Or more than happy. TMI, but TRUTH. Just as long as them puppies get checked, and regularly.) Remember that men can get breast cancer, too. Get mammograms when it’s time – I’m expecting to be told to get one any day now (I’m almost 32, I think 35 is when doctors usually start recommending it, and my doc is on the cautious side) – they might not be comfortable, but they’re better than finding cancer late.

ALSO, while we’re sort of on the subject: TALK TO YOUR FAMILY, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. KNOW YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY AND YOUR RISK FOR CANCER (VARIOUS FORMS, NOT JUST BREAST CANCER). CANCER IS A BITCH AND A HALF, BUT YOU CAN BEAT IT, AND YOUR BEST BET AT BEATING IT IS TO CATCH THAT FUCKER IN THE EARLY STAGES. I’m repeating myself here, but: know your family history and your risks, and talk to your doctor, and keep a fucking eye out. Risk of breast cancer? Self-checks, doctor’s exams, and mammograms. Risk of skin cancer? Start seeing a dermatologist, have them suss out your moles and shit. Risk of other forms of cancer? Well, KNOW WHAT YOUR RISKS ARE AND TAKE THE APPROPRIATE STEPS AND PRECAUTIONS – AND THEN KEEP IT UP.

There’s all sorts of cancer in my own family history, and I know too many people who currently have it, or had it and survived, or had it and died (and that’s the worst and makes me the angriest). I know my risks, I’ve discussed them with my doctor. Mammogram vs. undetected breast cancer? Smooshed boobs, every time. Colonoscopy vs. undetected colon cancer? Camera up my butt, let’s do this thing. You get the picture. I am dead serious, because cancer is dead serious.


2 thoughts on “I feel like I did a shitty job on my BCA post

  1. I don’t think you did a shitty job,most people just don’t know all the resources or where to start. With that said WOW,seeing this really made me want to cry! Thank you for posting this,it’s very well thought out and I couldn’t have said it better!

    I’m REALLY happy to see so much support from most everyone in the makeup blogging community. Thanks to those having participated in Breast Cancer Awareness,even if it was just a pink look,it still had to make alot of people THINK about it. I really,really,REALLY am excited to see it being talked about in the blogging community mostly because it raises awareness in a younger population. Too many people think of breast cancer as an older persons disease and it doesn’t just affect people over the age of 40,it’s not picky,it doesn’t care about age.

    I know breast exams can be a sort of taboo topic and it shouldn’t be at all. Like Kathy said,if you feel uncomfortable giving yourself an exam and have a partner you can make it an enjoyable experience, Perhaps get one of those massage candles and lay back and relax. If you don’t have a partner,please just do it. Trust me you don’t want to end up where I am,it’s not a fun place to be. You don’t want to be under 40 and having to think about writing your will or funding your funeral and feeling like a 90 year old.

    Unfortunately most doctors will not give mammograms unless you are over the age of 40,unless you have a large lump or a family history you most likely will have to wait. There are reasons for that,they don’t want to go zapping you with radiation for no reason,but also I’ve heard that young,perky boobs are just too dense to read a mammogram clearly. I’ve heard an option to that is to have an ultrasound.

    I do think that getting screened for breast cancer should be something that should be done every 5 years,I don’t get why this isn’t possible yet. There has to be a way the medical society could come up with some sort of non invasive screening method. This would save so many lives if they could just detect the cancer early on,because even with self exams you can’t always detect a lump.

    I have large boobs and my tumor is against my rib cage and very hidden so even with breast exams I never felt it until it had grown to the size of a golf ball and was too late. I started having alot of back pain and figured I hurt my back doing something silly and the pain just kept getting worse and worse and then I noticed the lump.

    I went and had a mammogram and biopsy done and about a week and a half later I get a call from a Dr who asked me if I had anyone with me,I said no and he proceeds to tell me I have Cancer and that it doesn’t look good. That was one of the worst moments of my life,the worst was when I went up north and had further screening and was told that my cancer had spread throughout my bones and that there is nothing they can do for me,but to give me radiation and pills to help shrink the tumors and ease my pain and that they give me 5 years to live…WTF.

    Then I met with a genetic counselor who brought up the fact I will never have kids,I know I’m not in my twenties,but deep down I had still planned on trying to have kids or even adopting..I just kept putting it off because it wasn’t the right time. In a period of a week I had been told three things I never expected to hear and just felt like my life was over.

    I’m VERY fortunate to have an amazing fiance who is so supportive of me. I try to take each day as it comes and not dwell over the fact I have terminal Cancer. I think that trying to keep a positive attitude helps play a role in staying healthy.

    Sorry if my post has rambled on,I wanted to share a little bit of where I am. I’m here because I didn’t catch this early on…please don’t become me…do your exams and get checked out. Don’t brush off doing a monthly exam,if you feel anything out of the ordinary go to the doctor and have it looked at. Cancer isn’t fun,trust me.

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