Sometimes, I do crafty things :)

I made a mask for Priscilla for Hallowe’en (at the last minute, because I’m a slack ass):

And I made Audrey a hat (although I made the “slouchy” version, and it is not at all slouchy, but still cute, I think). Sorry I seem to have lost my glass head, or I would have a “modeled” picture for you.

I actually have quite the laundry list of crafts to make (or finish making) for people, so expect – if I’m good – to see more of these posts, more regularly.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes, I do crafty things :)

  1. Yay for being crafty,I wish I was! I love seeing your craft posts they seriously amaze me at how versatile you are,you had some socks that you made that were amazing and I still drool when I picture them in my head. Do you plan to make more socks? Please say yes,I’d love to see some more =D

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