So, a while ago, my hair was like this: longish, with longish bangs (that were driving me crazy), and a “short” razored into the left front side.

Then the bangs drove me *really* crazy from having to pin them out of the way all the time, so I chopped them.

Then, my “short” grew out quite a bit, and it bothered me that the right front of my hair wasn’t quite as layered and choppy as the left side. So I fixed that up. And then, on a whim….

So, finally, my hair kind of looks like this (although this isn’t the most flattering shot of it, but it’s not bad, you get the idea):

I’m rather happy with the results, especially considering I just used the scissors we keep in the bathroom. (And, therefore, not proper hair scissors – I’m sure my stylist would be shocked and appalled. Well, probably not. But other stylists would, I bet.) But it’s still long enough to pull back in a ponytail, but not so long that *all I do* is pull it back in a ponytail. It looks cute down – I think there’s less weight on it to flatten it, so that’s more flattering. And the bangs are no longer killing me with their existence. At this point, I’m basically just waiting for the red to finish coming out (which looks to be a while yet, not that I mind that at all), and then I’m thinking a dark, cool brown? (Oh, and I’ve got noticeable roots, but since I want to go brown next, I figure there’s no point in bleaching the roots and doing them up red. At least, not yet.)


4 thoughts on “Hairdoings

  1. Ooo I like the shorter style on you, combined with the short fringe it’s a winner! I have to admit, the picture of your chopped off ponytail made me squirm a little bit…. No way would I be brave enough to do that! My hair has kinda become a comfort blanket for me now, so kudos to you lady!

    • Thanks, lady! And, uh, I might have been a little hopped up on anti-anxiety meds. I mean, not dopey, but un-anxious enough that I was like, holding my hair up to see how it’d look shorter, and thinking, “I like this….yes…..where are my scissors….” And then whoops, it was done. 🙂

  2. You look good with bangs,I wish I could pull them off. I like the second pic where your hair is in a braid,I bet you would look fantastic with an angled bob although I imagine the upkeep might be a bit of a pain if you have wavy hair.

    I wish I could figure out how to do something different with my hair,other than dying it (which has been a few years) all I ever do is let it grow and cut it straight when it gets on my nerves. Boring right?

    I’ve just got such bad memories from childhood where I had some gawd awful hair styles,worst was a layered cut which on me turned out to be a fro pretty much because my hair is super thick and a combination of straight,wavy and curly.

    Never had a good experience at a hair salon doesn’t help matters,I need to befriend a hair stylist I think or learn how to try new styles myself as you do. I love seeing all the different hair styles you come up with. I keep meaning to try that one updo you did ,the one that was sort of rolled up from the bottom. It was gorgeous!

  3. I really love that shade of red – it is similar to my current hair colour. 🙂 It’s the closest I can get to a funky/unnatural hair colour without it being “inappropriate” for work. I like your bangs, too! I’ve always wanted to try them but am afraid to take the plunge, seeing as I have almost no forehead, lol.

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