Swatch Sunday, 10/09/11: Theatre of the Nameless

Swatches of what I got from Illamasqua’s brilliant Theatre of the Nameless Collection. (Seriously may have to pick up what I didn’t get, because I am clearly Illamasqua’s bitch. I mean, this collection has my name all over it. But I started with the ones that had it written the boldest. šŸ™‚ )

Powder Blusher in Morale:

Heavily swiped, lightly swiped, lightly swiped and blended out, left to right:

Lippies, bottom to top: Intense Lipgloss in Facade, Intense Lipgloss in Belladonna, Lipstick in Kontrol

left to right: Facade, Belladonna, Kontrol (& blended out a bit so you can see what it’d look like more lightly applied)




Nail Varnishes in Kink (green) and Faux Pas (purple) – I’m not sure what the finish on these is properly called, but I fucking loooooove it. Kinda of a…pvc feel? I’m digging it. (And it reminds me of the gimp on American Horror Story, even though his suit is shinier.) Definitely want Vice and Taint hardcore now that I’ve seen these beauties.(According to the Illamasqua website – no, for once, I wasn’t too lazy to look it up – these are “rubber” finishes. Fuck I love them.)

One coat:

Two coats:

LOVE this collection. Swooning HARD for Illamasqua right about now.

I am woefully behind on posting videos for the Makeup Heroes channel – and have two videos filmed but not edited. Sadly, I will not be editing tonight, as we just got back from the Weird Al show, and it’s heading towards bedtime already. šŸ˜¦ But tomorrow night, I am absolutely throwing words up on that accent tag and posting it, and then filming my September faces. Pinky swear. I also have a Nicki Minaj-inspired look that I need to edit. Will get that up soon, too. And then HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Good lord. And on top of that, getting back into regular posting, regular commenting, regular exercise, better food (read: no sugar for little Kathys), bellydance practice, uke practice, HELLA crafting for other people, and trying to learn some German for Vokken next summer. Going to be busy, but should be fun! As Goddess Leonie would say, it is time to ride ze wild donkey!


6 thoughts on “Swatch Sunday, 10/09/11: Theatre of the Nameless

  1. GAH That is literally the most perfect purple lipstick I have ever seen!!!!!! How does Kontrol go on? Is it smooth? And does it miss spots on your lip?
    Facade looks really good on you! I like it a lot! I thought it’d be to brown but dang it’s a lovely nude lip on you!

    • Kontrol goes on like a goddamn dream! Smooth, doesn’t miss spots, easy to apply right off the bullet, great opacity.

      Yeah, Facade was a gamble – I thought it’d be too nude/brown, too. But I was pleasantly surprised! (And so suckered in by the Illamasqua campaign that I had to get it.)

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