Putting the world on notice.

If you read this blog, you probably already know the stigma surrounding mental health issues is a HUGE deal to me. Shit, if I haven’t pissed you off with my opinion that that stigma is BULLSHIT, it’s a fair bet you agree with me. But some shit went down recently (right here, in fact, if you want to see for yourself), that is UNACCEPTABLE and beyond fucked up. So I’m putting bitches on blast, and putting the world on notice: if you think behavior like this is anything other than hateful, prejudiced, vile, inexcusable, and unacceptable, well, you and me gonna have some problems with each other.

Now, a common refrain I’m seeing these days when drama blows up on the internet is along the lines of, “That was meant to be a private email, between *two people only*, and so-and-so is completely in the wrong for making that private email public.” This is my response to anyone who feels that way in this case:

So what I hear you saying is, that it is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE and BEHAVIOR THAT YOU ENDORSE AS MATURE AND REASONABLE to publicly act one way, and then IN PRIVATE behave atrociously? Just wanted to make that clear, because if so, there’s another group I think you’d get along with JUST DANDY. Maybe you’ve heard of them, they’re called THE KKK. “Hey, y’all, did you know it’s PERFECTLY FINE to be a hateful, prejudiced, vile cunt? As long as you do it from under a sheet (or in a “private” email), it’s ALL GOOD! The more you know!”

Fuck that noise. Just fuck it.


35 thoughts on “Putting the world on notice.

  1. Amen! Thanks for the post and taking time to do the video clip. I saw Heathers post. I was going to leave her some words of support, but it doesn’t look like her post is open to comments. I have no clue who the person was who said that stuff to her, nor do I care to. But that was just harsh and rude. We are all human beings and should not be treating each other that way!

    • Agreed. I think it’s understandable to be harsh and rude sometimes – people get heated, emotions flare up, that’s understandable. But there are lines that just should never be crossed. That’s one of them, for me.

  2. WORD. I follow Heather’s blog and saw that post, as well. What a bigoted, rotten thing to say someone. Mental illness is NOT a character flaw or a moral failing. I’m sick of seeing people talk about it as though it is.

  3. I don’t know the girl who said that to Heather, but wow. The world would be a much nicer place if people took the tiny bit of time it would take to educate themselves about mental illness. I fail to see how people can have that view when so many of us do or will suffer from a mental illness, or know someone who does. And I bet we all know a lot more people than we think.

    • Exactly – everyone’s got some baggage. Everyone. It’s just, you know, not always readily or physically apparent. And whenever someone who believes that stigma is like, “I don’t know any crazy people, my family’s fine,” I always think, “But how would you even know? They’re not going to tell *you*, are they?”

  4. If it hadn’t been for that one (surprisingly mean) line I wouldn’t have seen anything terribly wrong with those emails. That being said, I’m surprised that the person writing to Heather felt it necessary to be rude; based on what I’ve seen of her she’s been a pretty chill person and I didn’t expect that behavior to come out. The thing that makes it seem extra stupid is that it only happened because one person got butthurt about being removed from Twitter followers. Seriously?

  5. Sheesh! I have ZERO tolerance for people not only being rude but also for people speaking in a condescending manner with a self important attitude, especially when it’s unnecessary. At the point where someone removes/blocks you, it should be easy to figure out you did something they don’t care for that is not worth discussing to them, or it would have been discussed before considering removal. Having to ask why, only shows how ignorant some people are about their own behavior and how it is perceived to others. I refuse to even entertain someone who asks why. It’s unfortunate that people become defensive to the point of insults and belittlement when rejected. Again, not worth entertaining them. Even negative attention is still attention. They clearly don’t deserve it. On one hand I feel bad for Heather, but on the other, I see how bright she is in doing the polite thing and just removing her without a verbal dispute that was not necessary. It takes a mature person to know when to argue and work through differences, and when to just walk away.
    Taking cheap jabs at someone’s mental health is not only unacceptable, it’s disgusting. I see it as being no different than making fun of someone with cancer because it’s something we can’t help. This is just sad.

    • Word, thanks for this. That’s how I felt all along. She silently removed her and was prodded for information as to why. When the reason was given, the other party didn’t approve and the conversation went rapidly downhill. The final email from Heather even said to no longer email her on the topic, and the response about her depression and being on meds came next. It’s just not right. You don’t come into someone’s space (i.e. email them) for answers and get mad when you get them.

  6. I’m friends with Dominique and I suffer from depression, agoraphobia and an anxiety disorder. And she knows that, and has never been anything other than supportive and understanding about it. I think what you’re looking at is one mean, rash thing someone said because they were pissed off at someone else.

    If everyone blogged about it everytime they had a personal argument with some other random person (not business, not business owner, just another random person) we’d all be endlessly writhing about in butthurt.

    My point of view isn’t “it was a private e-mail, it should have stayed private” but more, “so?”. Yeah, it wasn’t a nice thing to say. And? People sometimes say things that aren’t nice to one another. Do we blog about it every time we fight with anyone?


    Dominique isn’t selling anything. She’s not a business owner, she’s not representing anything, she’s not a celebrity or a role model. I don’t think it’s really blogworthy if she had an argument with someone. She’s just another random person. Does it matter what you think about her or something she said to someone else which that someone else then decided to blog?

    …Really? Doesn’t it feel pathetically playground to anyone else?

    • I should clarify – from my experience Dominique doesn’t actually have any right-wing ‘they don’t exist’ ideas about mental health problems, I think it’s likely she was just pissed off at Heather and they had an argument. It happens. I don’t think anyone else needs to get involved in that, s’not like we’re their mothers.

      On the subject of the mental health stigma, yeah. I hate it. It’s a terrible mindset to struggle against, when you have to try and convince people you have a problem because they can’t see it and deal with the prejudice against it. That’s really not what Dominique was doing though, and lumping that at her door seems to trivialise what is a serious issue to me by bringing up a silly private squabble between two random people.

      • @Ana: Sorry, but it’s pathetically playground for you to jump on someone’s blog who you’ve never commented on before, nor have you probably read it before now, just to express your opinion about how wrong their opinion is. Does anyone else see a problem with this? It’s an ongoing cycle in this community. This is Kathy’s blog. Heather is her friend, as Heather is my friend as well. Kathy felt strongly about what was said to Heather and decided to blog about it, and make a video. She sent it Dominique and returned to silence. Dominique has not come on here and commented. Yet you have. What’s the difference between Kathy blogging about “an issue between two parties” and you coming on here to defend Dominique’s actions and try to explain the other side of the story? There isn’t one. You weren’t party to the information either, so you have no room to talk.

        If this was really between two people, the discussions on Twitter about “Team Dom” wouldn’t have happened and a certain Twitter account wouldn’t have commented, yet again, about Heather’s mental health. None of it is right. Trying to justify any of this bullshit is meaningless. I’ve noticed that when someone takes offense at anything someone says, they aren’t allowed to respond but yet EVERYONE else is allowed to suddenly jump on them and treat them as if they are a bad person. Freedom of speech, freedom to say whatever you want, this is someone else’s blog, someone else’s space. Blog about it on your own space if you don’t agree with it. There’s a door wide open over here for you to exit with.

        Kathy, you rock. Spot on.

        • “Sorry, but it’s pathetically playground for you to jump on someone’s blog who you’ve never commented on before, nor have you probably read it before now, just to express your opinion about how wrong their opinion is.”
          I don’t see the comparison. What’s playground about that? Blog posts with open comments are for commenting on, yes? For promoting discussion on their contents? Is there an unwritten rule or etiquette which states that a newcomer must only comment if they agree implicitly with the post contents?

          My opinion isn’t that their opinion is wrong, it’s that the case they used isn’t very representative of the larger issue which is discussed, and as someone who has also felt that prejudice personally, I feel that using a silly example somewhat trivialises the larger problem. I’m sorry if that was lost on you.

          “Does anyone else see a problem with this?”

          Yes, do they? Blog posts which allow comments are open for discussion, aren’t they? Was this post “friends only” or “agreement only” and did I miss that?

          “It’s an ongoing cycle in this community. This is Kathy’s blog. Heather is her friend, as Heather is my friend as well. Kathy felt strongly about what was said to Heather and decided to blog about it, and make a video.”

          This is Kathy’s blog. Heather is her friend. Heather posted on her blog something that Dominique said to her. It’s Heather’s right to post that, since it’s her blog, and she may post what she likes. It’s Kathy’s right to write a blog post about it, since this is her blog and she may post what she likes. It’s my right to comment on a blog post which allows comments and is posted publicly on the internet on a public domain. Kathy shared her opinion on her blog and opened it to comment, I assumed from this, then, that comments on the blog post’s contents were welcome and invited, and thus I commented.

          I didn’t defend Dominique, I didn’t rush on here to say “how dare you say that about my friend!!!!111oneone that’s just UNACCEPTABLE you can’t talk that way!” It’s Kathy’s blog, she can talk any way she pleases. I said that, based on my experience with Dominique on a similar subject (i.e. my mental health issues) I have seen evidence that her opinion on mental health is not what her conversation with Heather implies. I was offering an alternate explanation for the outburst and suggesting that it was more heated insult than established ethos.

          I don’t think it was a nice thing to say. I don’t think it means that Dominique is prejudiced toward the mentally ill, based on my experience with her and my own illness.

          “She sent it Dominique and returned to silence. Dominique has not come on here and commented. Yet you have.”

          I don’t see your point. It was an open blog post, not a letter to Dominique. I didn’t see a sign saying that only people who agreed or Dominique could comment. I’ve been affected by mental health prejudice in my life. I felt that I had a relevant viewpoint to share on the post’s contents, and the comments were open.

          “What’s the difference between Kathy blogging about “an issue between two parties” and you coming on here to defend Dominique’s actions and try to explain the other side of the story?”

          I don’t know why you’re quoting something I didn’t actually say, but anyway. The difference is that I wasn’t defending Dominique’s actions, I was providing an alternate interpretation of the intentions behind her statements, based on my experience with her on the very same subject. I then went on to share my opinion on the issue of mental health stigma in general, since that was the topic of the blog post.

          “There isn’t one. You weren’t party to the information either, so you have no room to talk.”

          I don’t understand. I wasn’t actually explaining Dominique’s “side of the story”, I was sharing my experience with her on my issue, my interpretation of the information shared, and my opinion on the issue by an large. Although, you saying that there isn’t a Dominique’s-side-of-the-story seems a bit strange, since you seem to be implying I wasn’t privy to her thoughts to know her intentions, which surely means that there IS her side to the story, even if I don’t know it.

          I’m not sure what you were saying there, but anyway. Of course, it is Kathy’s right to post whatever she wishes, it is Heather’s right to post whatever she wishes. It is also Dominique’s right to say whatever she wishes, although you seem to think that her free speech doesn’t count because her opinion is unacceptable. Am I to assume that mine doesn’t count, either, because I’ve never commented here before and because I’m Dominique’s friend?

          Funny, I didn’t realise it worked that way.

          • It’s pathetically playground because you’re butthurt that I called out a friend of yours, and you ran over here to try and call me on the carpet. I made it an open blog post because I will call ANYONE out for behavior like this, and I just want people to know that. I like to be pretty honest, and not present a different persona on my blog than I do in real life, and I don’t want someone “being surprised” when they say some shit I’m not down with, and I call them on it. For your information, although we both know you already know this, I did actually “say it to Dominique’s face” first. I tweeted it *to* her, and she hasn’t had anything to say back to me. If she doesn’t feel the need to respond to me, why should you jump in for her?

            You did defend Dominique. You excused her behavior, and said you were sure she didn’t mean it like that. I could quote it verbatim, but I don’t feel like bothering when it’s right up there to be read. Please show me a credible definition of “defend” that what you did does *not* fall under. Explain to me how saying, “I’m friends with Dominique and I suffer from depression, agoraphobia and an anxiety disorder. And she knows that, and has never been anything other than supportive and understanding about it. I think what you’re looking at is one mean, rash thing someone said because they were pissed off at someone else.” is NOT defending her. Because it is.

            Also, please explain to me the alternate interpretation behind “It’s reasons like this that you have to stay on meds and you’re constantly depressed.” I know I just talked about text and subtext – but it looks to me like that’s ALL TEXT, no subtext. Unless I missed an English lesson where we learned that that sentence actually means, “I like kitten and rainbows, and I’m sorry we disagree, but I respect your right to your own opinion and will not stoop to making a cheap, gross jab.”

            Why am I even responding to this shit? Oh, right, because if I hadn’t approved your comment, you would’ve whined about how I censor people when they try to comment on my blogs. Well, anyway, I believe very strongly in free speech, but not in hatespeech. That’s where I draw the line, in case you were wondering. Also, you’re welcome to all the free speech you want, on your own blog. But this is starting to bore me, so….yeah. Especially since you’ve ignored my responses to you – I’m assuming because you don’t really have any logical arguments against them, so you’re attempting to deflect and distract by responding to Wendy’s comments. But this is no longer amusing to me. I’ve considered your opinion, which you are indeed entitled to, but I don’t agree with it. So, there doesn’t seem to be much left to say about that.

            • I didn’t ignore your responses. I didn’t see them until I was finished replying to Wendy. I have now responded.

              I think my distinction is clear, but maybe we disagree on the definition of defending Dominique. I am not defending that it was a good or acceptable thing to say, I don’t think it was, I’m saying that I don’t think it means what you think it means. For example, if I get pissed off at my sister and tell her to fuck off and die, I don’t ACTUALLY want her to die. If I get angry and say I want to kill someone, I don’t ACTUALLY want to kill them. I’m angry. I’m just venting, I’m not accurately representing my mindset on the issue.

              I think Dominique was pissed off and lashed out, that’s all. I think she saw that as ammunition rather than actually believing that all mentally ill people just choose to be, or whathaveyou. That’s just based on how she’s responded to my own problems.

              I’m perfectly happy to agree to disagree. The post was open to comments, so I commented. I’ve been honest and I feel I’ve properly explained my thoughts on the subject. I don’t mind if mine is the dissenting opinion.

              • Okay. That’s a semi-valid point. I agree with your point about your meaning of “defending.” I agree with your example about your sister (even though I do believe you were in a group clamoring for Wendy’s blood when she made a comment about someone deserving a mallet to the head, but let’s assume I’m misremembering). What I don’t agree with, is the implication – because this is what you’re implying above – that IT IS OKAY AT ALL for Dominique to *use* that as ammunition. It’s not.

                • It’s not OK. It’s not a nice thing to do. I’m pretty sure I’ve said that. I understand why Heather was hurt and why her friends are angry about it. I don’t think it necessarily represents her views on the issue of mental health, however, and so I think it’s strange that it was used as the sole example in a discussion about mental health prejudice.

      • I’m under the (perhaps mistaken) assumption that you only know Dominique online, as I do, and from my experience, based on her postings, she does have right-wing “they don’t exist” ideas about mental health problems, and also about “imagined troubles” that people having to choose whether or not to get an abortion go through. We’ll have to agree to disagree about that.

        I happen to think that every time you let someone mouth off and make a cruel comment “in the heat of the moment”, but excuse it because it was just that one time, and they “didn’t really mean it,” THAT’S trivializing a serious issue, and helping sweep it under the rug.

        Here’s the thing – I’m pretty sick and tired of people admonishing other people to “not read into” things, or to “take it as s/he wrote it.” Because that’s just denying a fact of life: that we are constantly interpreting each other, and have to, in order to navigate society. You *cannot* read a text without interpreting it. In lit classes, people talk about text and subtext, and it’s no different in real life conversations. They way you talk, the words you choose, the phrases you use over the ones you don’t, these are all decisions, and they reveal alot about you. And I think people are especially prone, when they’re angry, to inadvertently reveal more than they would otherwise, about their baser natures. So for her to use that insult? To me, indicates that it’s an easy insult to hand, for her. That she may know better than to fling it around constantly, but she’s probably thinking it alot. If I was her friend, I’d be extremely uncomfortable thinking she may look down on mental health problems and take such a Calvinist stance towards them, because I wouldn’t be able to believe that she could feel that strongly towards one person, or a couple people, or most of the world – but that *I* would get an out, since I was her friend. Also, I am just not interested in friendship with anyone who engages in any sort of racist, sexist, homophobic/heterosexist, classist, ableist, etc, thought or action. It’s just fucking gross. And inhumane.

        • You’ve just pointed out that we’re constantly interpreting one another and everyone’s actions and speech, but then seem to disregard my interpretation.

          I understand your interpretation of her statement. I understand why you think that. Based on my experience with her, I think differently, and I interpret it differently. That’s what I’m saying. I’m not saying your interpretation is wrong, or that you SHOULDN’T interpret it or read into it – I’m not a mind reader – but I’m saying that mine is different. I don’t know which of us, if either, is right.

          I also don’t disagree with your decision not to want to be her friend. If I thought someone was prejudiced, I wouldn’t want to be their friend either. I wouldn’t write a blog post about them, specifically, and use them as the only example in a larger discussion about mental health prejudice either, though. Although I do acknowledge that it is your right to do so, I think I also have the right to have an opinion on that. You don’t have to display my opinion if you don’t want to.

    • It feels a bit pathetically playground that you think it’s okay to say I’m wrong to butt in on Heather’s behalf, but it’s fine for you to butt in on Dominique’s behalf.

      I’m not invalidating Dominique’s feelings here, or her right to be upset and, hell, even say some mean things. If she had just said, for instance, “Nobody asked you to be a smartass. You don’t know how to handle shit, and you’re a dick. Have a nice life.” I would’ve thought to myself, “Well, she’s a dick, and saying ‘have a nice life’ is real mature.” But would I have galloped onto YT about it? No. She crossed a line.

      “People sometimes say things that aren’t nice to one another.” Let’s pretend for a moment that Heather isn’t a righteous, badass, feminist chica, but is instead a vile, vile, cretinous being. She and Dominique get into it, and, in *one* mean, rash moment, Heather dropped the n-word. Don’t you think people would be rather upset about that? And rightfully so. This is no different. Prejudice is prejudice is prejudice. And hatefulness is hatefulness, and this was a hateful, prejudiced attack. And I’m calling it out. Dominique can call Heather a bitch or a cunt til the cows come home, and I’ll still have the personal opinion that Dominique’s an ass, but I won’t put it on blast on the internet. This is different.

      Also, I find it interesting that someone who has posted before in defense of business owners being viewed as people, too, and being allowed to behave badly because “they’re people, too, you guys, gosh,” is going to turn around and excuse Dominique’s behavior because it’s not like she’s a business owner or anything.

      Pretty sure this is all just going to fly over your head, because you seem to only see what you want to see. But whatever. Enjoy that.

      • RE: ‘She’s not a business owner or anything’
        If, in discussion with a business owner on their business account, or on their business FB page, or in an e-mail discussion relating to their business, the owner shared an opinion with me that I thought was prejudiced, I’d take issue with it. I’d consider that to be the company being prejudiced.

        If the owner did it in private, on a personal account, in a discussion which was not business related, I wouldn’t. I’d consider that their personal opinion, and think it had nothing to do with their business.

        Dominique doesn’t even need that distinction, because she doesn’t represent anyone or anything but herself and her personal opinion. I could disagree with her, I could think she was a terrible person. I could be hurt that she insulted me. I could tell my friends and expect them to bitch about her with me and make me feel better. I could even blog about it – although personally I wouldn’t – and I’d still be within my rights. My friends could then blog about it. That’s their right, too, but at that point I’d think it was getting out of hand and pretty weird. If they wanted to bitch about her they could have done so just to me, or e-mailed her and yelled at her I suppose. Making a random individual the subject of their own ‘you said something unacceptable to my friend’ blog post, I would think was pretty silly.

        I understand that you’re defending your friend and I understand that you have a problem with the idea of anyone insulting someone based on their mental health. But people don’t have a constitutional right not to be insulted, is it really news-worthy to blog about something one person said to your friend?
        It is your right to do it, but it’s also my right to think that it’s a silly thing to do and an inappropriate reaction. You posted this publicly, I assume, because you wanted people to see it, and you allowed comments to be posted. I didn’t see anything telling me not to comment if I disagreed.

        RE: ‘She crossed a line’

        Did she? I have an issue with this whole idea of “You cannot say this” “You cannot comment on this” “This is out of bounds”. It’s not a nice thing to say, absolutely. It’s a shitty thing to say. Maybe it makes them a shitty person. They have the right to say it, though. That’s part of free speech. Just like you have the right to say they’re a dick for thinking it. And you have the right to say they’re wrong for saying it, but since they have freedom of speech my opinion (which I’m also free to express) is that it’s ‘wrong’ for someone to declare some topics universally morally out of bounds.

        RE: ‘The N word’ argument

        If the tables were turned and Heather called Dominique the ‘N word’ because she was angry, I would think it would be equally silly and inappropriate for Dominique to publish that on her blog, and for others to then post blog posts about it. I’m sure people would think that was bad, but I’d still think it was a daft thing to blog about.

        Incidentally, if any of you would like to send me insulting e-mails, I won’t be publishing them on my blog and will ask my friends not to, either.

        • “Incidentally, if any of you would like to send me insulting e-mails, I won’t be publishing them on my blog and will ask my friends not to, either.”

          I’m gonna pop a squat right here, get out some sidewalk chalk and attempt to break down this sentence for us all here.

          The first way I can take this is that you are somehow mocking Heather for taking an email that was insulting, publishing them on her blog, and then “asking” her friends to do the same and talk about it. The assumptions in that sentence are ridiculous. We, as friends, listened to Heather when she told us about her difficult decision of unfollowing Dominique on Twitter. We supported her and felt that if she wanted to unfollow, it was her choice. She then received an email from Dominique inquiring WHY she unfollowed her. A) Heather did not have to respond and B) Dominique CHOOSE to pursue Heather instead of dropping it. Then, when Dominique didn’t like what she heard, her claws came out and we have the drama we’re looking at right now. So your insinuation that Heather did anything wrong is not welcome here. Your mocking of her situation and what she choose to do isn’t funny or cute.

          The other way I can take this is as a subtle assumption that we’d do anything like that. Why would we invade your space, i.e. your email, with insults? I mean… why? Who has the time for that? You’re not bothering us and why should we feel the urge to do so? Your comment is obviously fueled by either fear/paranoia that we’d do something like that, or simply ego that we care enough about your opinion to mob you for it. We really don’t. Further, I have doubts about the latter portion of that sentence, as we’ve all seen what power in numbers can do and the way screenshots and information flies around the internet. 🙂

          • Perhaps you should take it as it was meant, as I thought it was pretty explicitly stated.

            I was responding to an assertion that, if the roles were reversed and it was Heather insulting Dominique, I would still have the same opinion that it was a silly thing to post on a blog. If anyone doubted that and thought that I only thought it was a silly thing to post because it was Heather being insulted, that you were welcome to send me an insulting e-mail, and I further stand by my opinion that it’s a silly thing to post, and not post about it.

            I’m not trying to hide veiled insults or mockery, I’m being plain.

        • Sorry, Ana, I just think you’re full of shit. I DO hold people to a higher standard of behavior, because I’m NOT happy and content with the world being the way it is, and with us just carrying on and accepting hate and prejudice as a fact of life. I think we CAN and SHOULD be better than that, even when we’re fucking angry as hell. I hold people accountable for their actions. I think it is absolutely disgusting that you wouldn’t raise holy hell if someone used the n-word against a friend of yours. Or against a complete stranger, for that matter. There absolutely is shit that is UNACCEPTABLE and GROSS and crosses the line of decency. I will defend your right to free speech, because I don’t like to be a hypocrite – but fuck yes I am going to call you out for being hateful and gross and crossing that line.

          And fyi, I don’t like to send insulting emails, because I obviously have no problem saying shit out in the open. Also, I didn’t really have that high an opinion of you before, and now it’s even lower, to be honest, so taking the time to write you a private email, when I could be, oh, doing anything else, doing nothing at all instead, maybe even just taking a dump, would be so much more satisfying and a better use of my time. In fact, I’m done hashing this out with you, because you’ve established that you don’t have any real argument that holds water here. You can keep on posting comments all you want, but I don’t see any reason to keep entertaining your running in circles and attempts to prove a point that….I mean, even if you did prove your point, what? You’d basically be saying, “Hand me my sheet, bitches! Forsooth! I shall sally forth and condone indecently vile things from behind the protection of my internets.” Fuck that.

          • Thanks for explaining that. I understand your motivation, and I dislike prejudice, but I also think that a crusade against every individual who has an opinion I find to be distasteful would be a pretty time-consuming and futile endeavour.

            I’ve yet to see anyone actually respond to any of the points my arguments have raised, so we’ll have to disagree on your assertion that my arguments are baseless, and that I’m the one who only sees what she wants to see.
            Still, I respect your decision to stop engaging with me and I certainly wouldn’t want to get between you and your more pressing bathroom activities.

            • Well, not so much pressing as far more enjoyable. And it’s not so much a crusade as it is a simple matter of calling people out when they engage in hateful behavior. Or simply noting, “Sexist.” “Racist.” “Ableist.” Or simply giving them the stink eye so they don’t just assume you’re with them on that hate trip. It doesn’t take much time, and it certainly doesn’t cost anything. And then you get to sleep more peacefully at night, knowing that you’re not condoning hate. And now I really am going to take a piss.

              • Just to clarify; do you usually let those people know privately that you’re not with them on the hate trip, or do you intend to blog about each individual?

                As I said, my opinion is that I think it’s a silly thing to blog about. If someone said something prejudiced to me (either about me, or about someone else) then I would also privately let them know I disagreed and didn’t appreciate discrimination, or comment if it was open to public forum.

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