The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Loved the books, and Noomi Rapace will forever be Lisbeth Salander for me – but not gonna lie, the remake looks pretty sick, too. And Julian Sands is in it. <3!

I was totally skeptical about Rooney Mara pulling it off – and when I heard they were removing her eyebrows (don't worry, they're just bleached, not shaven off, it doesn't look like complete ass), I was so scared it would be *hideous*. She actually makes a decent Salander. My only beef? If you can't be satisfied just marketing the ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS original movies to Americans, and MUST remake them, why make Rooney Mara, an American actress, put on a vaguely Scandinavian accent – especially when everyone else to be heard speaking in the second trailer (the full-length one, not the one set to "Viking Song," although that one's a pretty brilliant trailer for the series, no lie) has an English or American accent? Actually, I take that back – about the accent. It looks like it's set in Sweden, still, so that makes sense that she'd have an accent. (Although, really, why even get anywhere close to Rapace's Salander? make an entirely new one or don't even bother.) But it appears to be set in Sweden, and all the characters have Swedish names – but pretty sure no one else is putting on an accent. I mean, on the one hand, I hate when actors are forced and/or choose to put on an accent and do it badly, because that just detracts *more* from the film, for me, than if they just spoke in their normal voice. I have no problem suspending disbelief and falling into a film's reality when it's supposedly taking place in, say, medieval France and yet everyone's speaking pretty much modern English, although maybe some archaic phrases thrown in, in their own non-French accents. Putting on a bad French accent? Pulls me *right out* of the movie world, and makes me aware that I'm watching a movie. Boo for that. So, I'm glad they didn't take a bunch of American and British actors and make them put on Swedish accents; it probably wouldn't have ended entirely well. But at the same time, if it takes place in Sweden, and all the characters are Swedish, and you're *not* making the actors put on accents – WHY make Rooney Mara do one? Boo to that, too.

Whatevs. I am *totally* going to watch it when it comes out, and enjoy the shit out of it. It won't replace the originals, but given my ability to love absolute dreck and the fact that the trailers so far make the remake look actually pretty good (and not at all like absolute dreck), I will enjoy it as well. Also? Styled in one way (the way it seems to be styled in most of the photos I've seen around the interwebs so far), I *hate* Salander's haircut. But after watching the full-length trailer and seeing a few pics of it styled differently? Kind of totally loving it. And wishing it would work on me. (I mean, I could probably get it, if I was willing to get a severe undercut, which…I don't think I am. Yet. We'll see. There are a couple scenes where it's styled just brilliantly and I want that hair so badly. And then…..there are the other scenes. Hm. And the undercut.)

Although I do wish the American translations (of the 1st book and movie titles) were the literal translation of the Swedish title, instead of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I mean, I know "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is the sort of title that would probably do better over here and catch more attention – but "Men who Hate Women" is sooooo much better, and closer to the message in the books, and what Larsson was trying to call attention to, and what we should be *paying* attention to and discussing. From the wikipedia page about it:

Larsson witnessed the gang rape of a young girl when he was 15. He never forgave himself for failing to help the girl, whose name was Lisbeth – like the young heroine of his books, herself a rape victim, which inspired the theme of sexual violence against women in his books.

I have a feeling I’ll be rewatching the original movies, and rereading the books, very, very soon, now that I’m thinking about them again. They’re just so good. And then finally getting around to reading more Larsson – given my love for his Millennium series, pretty sure I’ll thoroughly enjoy everything else he’s written.

Edited to add: OMG, JACOBS! I know you’re not a huge Led Zep fan, but given as much as you looooooove this video, you should really be able to remember that it’s “Immigrant Song,” not “Viking Song,” you genius. Yeesh.


3 thoughts on “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

      • I should probably warn you that they involve a lot of violence against women – one of the things Larsson railed against, bless him. So parts of it are very upsetting – HOWEVER, Salander kicks a million different kinds of ass, so rest assured, bitches get theirs. And boy howdy, do they. The comeuppances that are dished out are soooooo awesome, it’s like…you read the scene and fist-pump. That good.

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