RIP Troy Anthony Davis

No TiLT post this week. I’m too heartsick. I know that right now is exactly when I most need to look out for joyous things in the world, and count my blessings, but I just can’t.

I always considered myself not prone to “spirit” (like school spirit) or “patriotism.” And I thought I was a bit too jaded, in spite of my hippy leanings, to have faith in the system – but tonight, I learned otherwise, when all my faith in the system was so heinously shattered. For four hours tonight, listening to Troy Davis’s words, the words of his family and friends and supporters, I discovered I was a patriot – or at least wanted to be one, to be as positive and hopeful and full of compassion and faith in the world as they were. At 11:08pm, I went back to being unpatriotic. I never would have guessed I would be so heartbroken about not being able to be patriotic.

Night, y’all, although it’s definitely not a good one. 😦


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