NOTW: OPI’s Steady As She Rose

Which also made an appearance in my last TiLT post, you may recall. So it’s really the nail polish of half of last week and half of this week? I’m finally getting around to watching the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies – IKR, so late. They’re pretty good actually. And I kept wondering where I’d seen Ragetti before, and why I found him so hilarious – turns out he’s a famous British comedian (Mackenzie Crook), and he played Grishnak in the “Goths” episode of Spinechillers, which is my *favorite* episode of Spinechillers, so brilliantly hilarious. (AND apparently he’s on the British Office, so I may have to watch that.)

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to love this color as much as I do. I mean, I figured I’d like it, but WOW, I loooooove it. I’ve been holding off putting the silver shatter polish over it, because it’s so pretty. But I’m doing it this week, once I get enough tip wear. (I’m hoping that’ll double the wear of Steady As She Rose, by covering up the tip wear and/or chipping. We’ll see, won’t we?)


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