Just a friendly reminder from Supreme Leader of Kathylandia…

If you’ve been blissfully unaware of negative shit going down in the world of makeup blogging lately, awesome. Do your damnedest to keep it that way, because it’s so much nicer to be blissfully unaware, in cases like this. I’m afraid Supreme Leader lost her cool today, and since glittermobs seem to be all the rage these days, seems like a good time to strap on the old shit-helmet, open up the old shit-umbrella, and trot this fact out again – can’t remember the last time it saw light, but it hasn’t changed, and figured it’s better to just slap it up right here:

The only time I really give a shit about being fair and balanced on this blog, is when I do reviews (which I rarely do), and then it’s because the FCC makes me (and also because no one pays me for them; and I wouldn’t shill for anyone anyway because fuck that noise); and also when I’m talking about shit that actually matters, like, say, marriage equality, civil rights, real-world wars going on, shit like that. (I’m not even “fair and balanced” then, though, because I lean so liberal, but you know what I mean.) I didn’t pay for this-here little corner of the interwebs for you to come all up in my kittens-and-puppies-and-rainbows-and-unicorns-and-happy-makeup-silliness and shit all over it. So don’t get it twisted: I have zero problem deleting comments. If you’re mad because you think I showed my ass somewhere, you’re welcome to spout all about it on *your* corner of the interwebs, but I sure as hell am not obligated to sponsor it here. If it’s reasonably polite and has a legitimate argument that I feel like addressing, I might allow it and address it. But I turned on comment-approval for a reason, and ultimately comments are allowed at my discretion. Also, please remember that whenever I delete anything (a comment, an email, a document, a post, anything), I hear Strongbad yell “DELETED!” in my head, and that amuses me. I hate that I even have to cover this, but I’ve seen more than a couple complaints about so-and-so blogger deleting a comment because it didn’t agree with their side – guess what? Much like I’m not about to let someone come up in my house and talk shit about me while they sit their ass on my couch and eat my food (seriously, ask me about the time I kicked someone out of my house at our wedding party for *just that reason*), I’m not about to let someone bust up on my virtual house, prop their feet up, and talk unmitigated shit. I don’t hand my diary over to strangers on the bus all, “Could you just write in here that I’m a bitch? Maybe a whole paragraph about how my opinion is wrong, too?” either.

Just so we’re clear. This blog is definitely filtered through my (unpaid-for) biased opinion.

Also, poo is funny.

Edited to add: Dear fuckface@yahoo.com, trying to comment from Auckland. Not only is your comment DELETED!, but I wouldn’t fuck you with someone else’s dick. Thanks for the amusement, though.


12 thoughts on “Just a friendly reminder from Supreme Leader of Kathylandia…

    • YES! BOTH! Chocolate, AND a creme brulee! (Well, it was creme brulee flavored tapioca pudding – but that still counts, right?) Great minds think alike, so…..great tastebuds….enjoy….alike? 😀

      • …and now I want chocolate pudding for breakfast.

        I’ve never been fond of tapioca pudding. To me, the texture is wrong. Pudding should not have little bits in it. But I’ll bet that tapioca pudding could be used as a really good between-layer frosting on a cake. Mmmmm…back to thoughts of Things I Should Not Be Having For Breakfast!

        • Aww – I totally had some pudding for my morning snack. (What? I’m PMSing hard today, and it kept me in my happy place. That’s so allowed.)

          And I’ve never been fond of tapioca, either – actually, I used to hate it. But I love rice pudding for some reason, and then it was creme-brulee-flavored so I was like, “…maybe I won’t hate it?” And I don’t, actually. But if it wasn’t creme-brulee-flavored, blecccch.

  1. A craptacular utterly empty comment for you to delete, solely so you can have the mental sound effects:

    Help File – Warning! File Corrupted! Errors Found!

    Thank you for playing You Awaken in\\#@!94 and You wish you had not dr +-$#`298~~)#$%&^@9((@#(*@#&^MKSAD(*!@#?<$@}{AS”:_@!(AJGFB#(!+-$#`298~~)#$%&^@9((@#(*@#&^MKSAD(*!@#?<$@}{AS”:_@!(#(!+-$#`298~~)#$%&^@9((@#(*@#&^(*!@#?<$@}{AS”:_@!(AJGFB#(

    …you're welcome 🙂 (Garbledy Help file text taken from this site, which I think you'd enjoy: http://www.thelittlestmurloc.com )

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