Bleah, y’all: an apology from Supreme Leader

Ugh, today was not a good day for me. I got crabby, and irritable, and – I’ll be the first to admit it: downright bitchy, and that’s putting it *very* nicely.

I’m still all about deleting troll comments, but really, I’m just tired of this trend towards negativity and drama and side-taking and cutting people off and banning people and “meantweeting” (oh no, y’all did not just make me quote a NY housewife, the horrors!) that I see, and that just seems to be rolling and rolling and gathering mass. I know it’s sappy and cliche to say can’t we all just get along, but for reals, can’t we?

I’m sorry I lost my cool today, and pledge from now on to try and stick to the happy road. (I don’t know that I can really lay claim to the high road when I love a good dick and fart joke. Or, actually, *any* dick and fart joke.) Positivity, playing nicely with others *myself*, and happy kittens and puppies and rainbows and unicorns and bathtubs full of glitter (thank you, Helen, for that awesome idea/image).

But still deleting the troll comments – unless you pay the troll toll! And a free Morgana Cryptoria lippie to the first person to get that reference. (Yes, I’m serious.)


8 thoughts on “Bleah, y’all: an apology from Supreme Leader

  1. I think I missed whatever it was that happened? 😦 In any case, the TROLL TOLL! It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, of course. Their musical was the only one I’ve every enjoyed. 🙂

    • Ooooooh. That sounds pretty funny, actually. I will have to go look that up. Alex Borstein did…was it Swan? Was that one of her characters? And she did some voicing on Family Guy? Yes….I think I will loooooove her Gap Troll. Thank you for the tip!

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