Pretty funny, but also sad.

Apparently, I get at least one hit a day from someone finding my blog by searching “kathy fucking.” I could probably dig deeper into my stats and figure out where/who it is, and if it’s the same person each time, but I’m lazy.

1-I find this amusing. “kathy fucking.” Awesome. Hi, welcome to my blog! Although the only porn you’re likely to find on here is of the makeup, vanity, and cat-butt variety (so I can make the ATROCIOUS “kitty pron” pun; which, yes, I totally, shamelessly, did).

2-If you ARE honestly looking for *my* blog, though, come on, now. You’ve got two thirds of the url already. You just have to remember “jacobs,” tack a “.com” on it, and Bob’s your uncle. So I really, really hope whoever’s repeatedly searching “kathy fucking” is looking for some pornstar named Kathy something-or-other, fucking, and not this blog, because if you’ve searched that phrase for the last 30 days and arrived here, and you can remember “kathy” and “fucking” but not “jacobs”? A bit sad.


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