For the sake of humanity,

go read this blog post. If you haven’t already. Or even if you have already, it’s that good. (And how rad is that pie chart? Amazeballs.)

I am probably preaching to the choir, since I’m posting this on my blog, and have shared it on facebook. Chances are, if you have anything remotely to do with me and/or my internet spoutings, you’re pro-marriage-equality. Otherwise, how do you even stand reading my shit? You must be a masochist. 😉 I kid, a bit. I know I’m pretty much a bleeding heart liberal (at the same time I’m a crotchety, misanthropic, old curmudgeon – but really, that’s mostly an unsuccessful act to hide my big old inner hippy), and I don’t hide it, so if you’ve come here more than a couple times, you probably don’t totally disagree with my take on things and hate me for it. But nonetheless, I want such an awesome, heartfelt, well-reasoned, logical, BRILLIANT argument for marriage equality to spread like wildfire, so, read this, and pass it on.

And if you’re in NC, FUCKING VOTE ON MAY 8TH. DO IT. I’m going to, and I’m a total lazy ass who usually can’t be buggered to walk literally five minutes down my street to the elementary school that’s my voting place and vote on local legislation and whatnot. (I mean, like, whether or not to widen a road, or how to fund a park. I vote for presidential elections, and…that’s pretty much it, to be honest. Bad citizen, me. But on May 8th, I’ll summon up the “can be buggered” to walk five minutes down the street, roll up in an elementary school, and get my vote on. So, yeah. You should do it, too. And if you can’t get to your polling place as easily as I can, don’t let that stop you – there are tons of people who take the day off to give voters free rides to the polls. Shit, May 8th, I might even *be* one of them, just gotta figure out how to sign up for that and get the word out. You know want to ride with me, in my fly hoopty. I’ll bring snacks, too.)

And if you’re not pro-marriage-equality, and you’re not just some one-time lookie-loo, do me a personal favor and read the WHOLE article. ALL of it. And check out the pie chart. And think really, really hard about it for a couple minutes – don’t just read it and shut down, but actually consider it. I bet it’ll change the way you look at things, even just a bit.


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