TiLT! 9/15/11

Okay, so this is more of a things I love, and things I’m grateful for, but you’re cool with that, right? I mean, that’s pretty much been the case for the last couple TiLTs.

-Gogol Bordello
-Balkan Beat Box
-“Cleopatra in New York” (original mix), by Nickodemus feat. Carol C
-being back in bellydance classes again!
-learning a swank new choreography to “Cleopatra in New York”
-anti-nausea meds and clonazepam (for helping me function and not feel nauseous to the point of disgust and misery while I adjust to a lower, safer dose of citalopram)
-green smoothies
-Luther (Idris Elba is amazing, and Ruth Wilson is amazing, too, and sooooo pretty, even if she is a sociopath)
-Wire in the Blood (my infatuation with Robson Green, let me show you it)
-the white blanket Greg’s mom gave us ages ago – it is seriously *the best feeling* blanket we have (second, and close, runner-up is the velour-y grey one Jackson gave us as a wedding gift several years ago, but it’s a little too warm for the weather lately – looking forward to busting it out in Fall, though)
-crafting for others and goody packages – I have got a TON of projects planned, and it’s a bit overwhelming, but at the same time, sooooo exciting, I love it!
-the lovely Audrey (also here, and on tumblr) quoting Pablo Neruda and making my fucking week by doing so
-planning tattoos – and trust me, the next one? IS GOING TO BE A DOOZY! I can’t wait.
-attending a wedding of two people who absolutely belong together and are rad as shit (aka, Brandi and Jonny) this weekend
-our new laptop because 1-it doesn’t suck and more importantly, 2-now we can sit on the loveseat in the living room and *each* have a laptop on our laps, and for some reason I find that image ridiculously cute
-OPI’s Steady as She Rose
-acupuncture, therapy, psychiatry, and getting back off the sugar – between cutting out sugar again, and the slight change to my anxiety meds, I’m feeling kind of not-so-hot right now, but once I get past this slight adjustment, I am going to feel RAD!
-my new filofax (the organizer to end all organizers – no more one for work and one for home and another that tracks moon phases, etc; this is THE ONE, and I love it)
-Chinese mesh slippers
-black rubber bracelets (although apparently they are or used to be some sort of teenage code for “down to fuck” if someone broke a bracelet off you; this is not why I am wearing them, so if anyone tries to get smart, they’re getting bopped on the nose; I just find them amusing, and I am fully embracing my silliness these days)
ammeB’s awesome turban headbands – loooooooove

I think text-only is kind of boring, so I’ll post pics and vids soon, promise! And I’m still working on choosing a new layout/theme, and the destash blog sale. 🙂


4 thoughts on “TiLT! 9/15/11

  1. Holy shit I looked at those turban headbands and they are freaking adorable. Do you have any that match your laser-orange hair? That would be pretty.

    • Aw man, I did. I bought this peach lace one that would look pretty sweet with the orange – but I dyed it red before it showed up. Sad trombone. (I mean, red was ultimately the plan all along, but then I liked the orange so much I was like, “Let’s hold off on the red for a bit,” but my husband was like, “Aww, the orange is nice, but I thought you were doing red….?” So I did it.)

    • Yes. Poo tattoos. On butt cheeks.

      DID I TELL YOU I FOUND A TATTOO ARTIST FOR IT? I mean, she just said she’d tattoo my butt and it wouldn’t be awkward. I didn’t tell her what the design was, though. We’ll see if she’s still down when I roll up with it printed out and in hand.

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