TiLT! 9/8/11

New songs from Therese/Bee Sting Sessions (recorded outside, so the wind gets in the way a bit, but you can still hear her beautiful, beautiful voice!):

(you can also listen to some of her older songs on the Bee Sting Sessions site)
-rain, more specifically hurricanes that didn’t do any damage in our area
-M&M “ice cream cake” cakewrecks (no cake in it – just M&M ice cream in a dome, covered in icing – and look at the expression on his face!)

-a gorgeous new dress from soulrust that matches (matched) my orange hair:

-Hello Kitty rings from Melbarbie

-Hello Kitty (clip-in) felt ears from bratfactory

-Camping out in the hallway during two tornado watches Tuesday – not the *most* fun, but we didn’t get any damage, and the cats cuddled with me, so it was kind of sweet, and I slept through most of it (until the really loud thunder/tornado sounds happened, but they didn’t last very long, thankfully). I was pretty well kitted out with my Kindle, my teddy bear (Septimus) and Stitch, and lunch. Skeeter slept on the couch cushions with me, and Chalupa slept on her green faux fur…thing. (It’s just a folded up bit of fabric that usually stays in the craft room, but she didn’t want to be by herself, so I pulled it out to make her more comfortable.)

That’s more of a thing I’m grateful for, rather than actually *loved* loved, but you know.
-lovely headbands from ammeB, which I’ll model as soon as the dye isn’t rubbing off my hair o.o – but for now you can look at the cutie packaging!


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