FOTD: Buttercream Macaron (8/23/11)

Wanted to play with some of the colors I got in my first Sweet Treat Cosmetics order. I think they’re super cute! I got the full-size of the week (Cupcake), a sample set (buy five, get two free), a couple more samples, and got one or two free samples. (Two, I think, but I tossed the packing slip so I can’t be sure. I’ll look the order up later and edit this to post for sure, but not right now.) I feel like I’ve been doing alot of pinkish looks lately, so I figured I’d try blue instead. I like it, and I loooooove the Buttercream Gloss. My only tiny complaint is that some of the shades on the sample baggies are hard to read. They seem to be the same color as the shadows (which is a cute idea), but that means if there’s any shadow under the shade name, the shade name disappears. 🙂

-Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer
-Sweet Treat Cosmetics eyeshadow in Macaron
-tarte for True Blood emphasEYES aqua-gel eyeliner in black
-tarte for True Blood lights, camera, lashes! mascara
-e.l.f. Wet Gloss Lash and Brow Mascara
-Sweet Treat Cosmetics Buttercream Gloss


6 thoughts on “FOTD: Buttercream Macaron (8/23/11)

  1. Beautiful blues! I’m going to have to go check out this Sweet Treat Cosmetics. Pretty sure I’ve never heard of them before!

    • I’m digging them so far. I was perusing Antoinette’s Revolution’s facebook page, and they “liked” Sweet Treat, so I figured ST was legit and worth checking out – and then they were so durn cute, I had to place an order. And I’m happy – fast shipping (less than a week), cute colors, great prices, and that Buttercream Gloss smells DIVINE.

    • Thanks! And, yeah, Macaron is a really interesting color. From some angles it had that almost green shift, from some it looked more matte dark blue, and then others it looked light sparkly blue. Very intriguing.

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