London rioting :((

Very upset and worried and angry about rioting in London. Mainly because, while I think I understand the legitimate underlying sentiment (ie, unrest, unhappiness, injustice – not just “I’m a selfish fucker and want to loot”), it seems obvious and apparent to me that the rioters are attacking the very people they should be *organizing with*. Heard an interview with two female rioters/looters, who seemed to think this was showing the police *and* rich people that “we can do what we want.” Oh really? So that’s why there’ve been so many reports of police stations and rich businesses and rich households being looted? Oh, wait – y’all have been looting in middle class neighborhoods, and looting family-owned, small businesses? Y’all are assholes, for real, and morons. Rioting accomplishes nothing positive. So heartsick over this shit. But, on the plus side, the communities coming together to clean up the aftermath gives me hope. And the people I know and care about over there are safe, so I’m trying to stay calm. My thoughts are with London, and hoping for an end to this craziness, and as minimal damage and injury to human life as possible. And hoping that these rioters realize that they do have alot of power – and that it just needs to be channeled properly. Protests and activism with those numbers, I think could accomplish ALOT. Talks, etc. Rioting? No. You’re just destroying communities, and communities you could be building coalitions with, and undermining whatever cause you’re claiming underlies these riots. Anyway. Hoping for a safe day and night for London, and that things calm down and get sorted soon.

In the meantime, am glued to BBC, The West Londoner’s riot coverage, facebook, and twitter to stay updated and make sure my duckies are alright. May not have the heart, or, rather, the lightness of heart, to post for a bit, but we’ll see. My supply of hope is taking a hit, but my smartassery tank is full to brimming, so….I’ll get through this. And *we’ll* get through this. I’ll be around, just maybe preoccupied with things more important than makeup (blasphemy!) for the time being. xoxo, k


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