TiLT!: 8/4/11

It’s only been about…what…two weeks since I did the last one of these? I guess that’s not too bad. But I’ve been SUPER cranky and irritable lately (nicotine patch + PMS = mega bitch Kathy, fyi), and paying attention to, and taking note of, stuff that makes me happy, and then processing that in these type of posts, really helps my entire week have a better glow to it. So. Let’s see if I can get better about keeping this shit up regularly. Here we go:

-overhearing an *in-depth* discussion of threesomes (inside voices, y’all, really, at all times, if you don’t want to be overheard discussing this shit – but it was awesome, and TMI, and hilarious, and right-on; one of the two talkers was like, “NO. Straight-up:no. The logistics are a nightmare, and no one wants to be the one standing to the side, waiting.” And I was thinking, “….right?! (mental high-five)” because that’s what I’ve always thought.)
-passing a little boy in a Target parking lot, only to have him freak out trying to get his dad’s attention because he thought I was the Wicked Witch (awesome!)
-fireflies, always
-a horse-drawn carriage giving people rides in downtown Durham
-Marie Antoinette/Helena Bonham Carter-inspired hair (made possible by the awesomely awesome Osis Dust It, and like four bobby pins, seriously! love Osis!):

Bull McCabe’s – awesome bar, awesome food (veggie quesadillas SO FUCKING GOOD), and they saved me from starvation (okay, really, a blood sugar crash and ensuing bitchiness – so actually they saved everyone that night)
-being complimented on my “sick” shoes (will post pics later)
-holding a tiny frog, and returning him from a corner on our porch (where he seemed confused and trapped) to the grass (where he seemed much happier)
-being able to (on occasion, and more deliberately) respond to triggers from a place of calmness, respect, and compassion (rather than unconsciously and immediately flipping the “bitch switch”)
-putting up a swanky new hummingbird feeder, and then being outside and wishing I could see a hummingbird – and having TWO immediately show up; one later sat on a tree branch and sang for about five minutes – magical!
-playing Thunderstone with Jj, who pwned us hard
-seeing a grrl in a tshirt that read “Pretty in Pink, Wicked in Spandex” (just made me laugh, really, but in a good way)
-the universe sending me great medicine on a day I needed it most: having wonderful chats with a distant coworker I’ve just met and really like; my new Queen Frostine I Stand with Planned Parenthood Pink Icing Ring arriving; hummingbirds AND bats; thunderstorms; and Greg – I’m truly blessed
-that moment when you finally figure out the answer to something that’s been troubling you, and you know you’re on the right path because of the unwinding in your chest
-dragons treatment
-acupuncture & therapy & the universe sending me feathers when I’m on the right track (I swear, every time I make a “break through,” or shitty things finally start to turn around, I find a feather on the ground that day)
-a date with Greg at Dos Perros! delicious! and soooo indulgent!
-casual steampunk – a grrl at a show in stealth steampunk: unobtrusive little clues, like goggles that aren’t ornate and look at first glance like glasses; a pencil stuck into her bun; overall dress; simple boots; simple and practical – but then you put it together and are like, “duh, steampunk fan right hurr!” loved it
Fat Transfer – AMAZING MUSIC/PERFORMANCE/LYRICS/MESSAGE – loved it, now you go love it 🙂 (also, check out this awesome, right-on post; look at the heart and brains and compassion on that lady, new grrl crush, swoon) (AND, right now she’s on tour with Cher Horowitz, so you might maybe kind of sort of NEED to go, if there’s a show near you, just sayin’)
-Earth Balance – a vegan cover band that killed it, so hilarious
-being part of the Makeup Heroes Collab YT channel – I definitely feel like, skillz-wise, I’m a total noob in this group, but it’s so much fun, and I like being challenged/pushed to be more imaginative and improve my skillz, so yay!


6 thoughts on “TiLT!: 8/4/11

  1. I love your little blurbs (the threesome thing made me laugh out loud… cause I’ve always wondered how that works exactly :3). Veggie quesadilla? NOM NOM. I need to come down to Durham cause it sounds like between the horse carriages and the food, I’d be happy as a clam.

    • Yeah, lady! FOUR pins! Osis Dust It is THE SHIT. I think if I’d used even a bit more, I probably could’ve just stuck my hair to itself and dispensed with the pins entirely. Okay, maybe not, but still. Dust It is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing.

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