TiLT!: 7/21/11

-a teeny, tiny emerald green dragonfly landing on me, and staying a while – beautiful!
-more hummingbirds! (I really need to refill the feeder – shame on me for that.)
-yard bunny sightings!
-the absolutely divine and delectable (and super long-lasting) scent of Kiss My Sass’s Violet Cupcakes (favorite perfume of all time)
-doing more random acts of kindness, or surprise goodie packages 🙂
-playing ukulele (and filming a song!)
-going for a long walk (about a mile – longer than I’d intended) to get cigarettes before trivia Tuesday night, and meeting a kind soul; we shared some wonderful conversation, and he really lifted my spirits and gave me a much-needed perspective adjustment; I gave him some money to get food, and wished I could have done more, because I think of the two of us, I really benefited the most from that chance encounter; thank you, universe
-coming oh-so-close to winning a round of trivia at the Pinhook (the theme was American tourist attractions, and when I heard that I immediately thought of Gaiman’s American Gods, which I love, and in which the characters visit many attractions – lo and behold, it was an answer! yay!)
-no longer being on lamictal, and therefore being able to drink scrummy Rosemary’s Babies again! YAY!
-Holy shit, I love MIKA, and this video in particular:

-and I am especially appreciative of all my friends and loved ones (in “real life” and online), because I’ve been kind of moody and had shit troubling me, and y’all have helped lift my spirits, too; thank you so, so, so much, and I am truly honored to know you and count you as friends


6 thoughts on “TiLT!: 7/21/11

  1. What on earth is a Rosemary’s Baby drink? I love Mika and how upbeat his music is,sort of like Scissor Sisters where it just makes me want to get up and shake my butt. Do you care for Scissor Sisters? What other stuff do you listen to?I used to just listen to Heavy Metal,but then I discovered all this wonderfully happy music and it’s just so fun to listen to.

    • Rosemary’s Baby is DIVINE, is what it is. Let’s see if I can remember: it’s gin, rosemary syrup, sour mix, and a squeeze of lime. Pretty sure that’s it. And rosemary syrup is surprisingly good. (I figured a sweet syrup plus rosemary would be…interesting – but it’s AWESOME.) Perfect summer drink – even more summery than a gin & tonic.

      I looooove Scissor Sisters. I listen to a whole range of things. My husband’s in a metal band, so I listen to metal from time to time (and also weekly, when they have practice, hee). But really I tend to listen to music based on my mood, so lately I’ve rarely been angry enough for metal. 🙂

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