TiLT: 7/14/11

-bluer hair
-Stargazer lippies
-Shiro Intertubes
-getting over myself and my anxieties; becoming more confident, more open to possibility (less socially anxious and social phobic – not being freaked out by small talk); learning to be comfortable taking risks
-corn on the cob
-watching True Blood with Greg
Harper’s Island (so good!)
-sprite and rum, or sprite and cachaca
AkAngie’s YT channel – bird cuteness GALORE! I have desperately been wanting birds lately (especially to have lovebirds again), but Greg thinks they’re too noisy, and I haven’t fully worked out plans for an outdoor walk-in aviary that would be temperature controlled (don’t want my babies getting too hot or too cold!), so for now I’m getting my fix thanks to Angie and her adorable birds! Good lord, they make me all gooey and schmoopy.
-speaking of birds, the other day, I was having a smoke on our front porch, and a hummingbird came by the feeder, and then circled my head for like a minute!!!! it was MAGICAL. It was the day after I redid my color, so I don’t know if it thought I was some large blue flower, but I just held still and enjoyed being so close to such a tiny, beautiful thing.
-Stan Rice
-Brooke Fraser
-Sharon von Etten
-my darling Greg


9 thoughts on “TiLT: 7/14/11

  1. When I saw the word Tilt I imagined one of those Tilt a Whirl carnival rides that spin super fast. I miss going to carnivals,we don’t have them up here in Alaska,but I bet you have them often down where you live?

    Aw,it’s a shame your honey thinks birds are too noisy! I adore mine,but they own me,I can’t go anywhere without feeling guilty that I had to lock them in their cages and I swear they can sure give a guilt trip when I come home and they are rubbing their beaks along the cage bars like that prisoner on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that rubs his mug against the jail bars.

    I bet if Greg met my sexually frustrated gay lovebird Pele he would change his mind about birds. I swear every bird hater who has met that little guy has ended up intrigued and in love with how friendly he is.

    I can just imagine how magical it was when the Hummingbird flew over you. If you are patient enough,you can actually get a Hummingbird to drink nectar from your hand,I did it when I was a teenager,I’m not sure I’d have the patience for that now though.

    • We have carnivals like….maybe once a year? In the Triangle. Usually at the State Fair in October. But whenever we go to the mountains, they always seem to be having fairs, so I think they’re much more frequent there.

      Aww, birds are so cute! I am really going to have to build a serious aviary on the back porch. I just can’t imagine never having birds again for the rest of my life. Too sad.

  2. 1. Sprite and rum sounds dangerously delicious. (what is it with me and commenting on booze here?)

    2. Brooke Fraser is amazing. I could listen to her voice on repeat for, liek, an hour.

    3. Lillian, if you want some hot hummingbird action you should head to the Rocky Mountains. I went camping there with my family and we were almost tired of the little guys by the end of the week because there are SO MANY. Also, the mountains are gorgeous. And there are moose.

    • Sprite and rum IS dangerously delicious. Also? 1:1 buttershots and sour apple pucker. Mmmmmm. And apple pie moonshine. I sound like a lush, huh. Hee.

      LOVE Brooke Fraser.

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