Swatch Monday: Possible Lime Crime dupes (7/4/11)

Posted late because I failed (failed!) to write down what they were potential dupes to, and had to look them up again. I’m really glad I decided to go with dupes, because getting a boatload of StarGazer (and one Barry M) off Ebay was far cheaper than trying all the LC lipsticks in similar colors – and some of them are HORRENDOUS on me (although very pretty on the paper towel when I wiped them off; stupid skin tone!). So I’m glad I only spent like $2.50 per lipstick, as opposed to $16. Much cheaper, especially if I’m probably going to toss (or give away) the ones that look atrocious on me. And the LC colors I was most interested in, are sold out on the site anyway. (Not that I’m inclined to buy LC stuff, since I tend to avoid companies that have any drama associated with them. I’m not weighing in on said drama, I’m just saying it exists, and that tends to scare me off a company in general. There are plenty other places I won’t shop because I’ve “heard stories” – but I’m not mentioning them here because I’m not discussing possible dupes to their products, okay? I talk too much already; no need to clog this post up even more.)

-StarGazer 109 – potential dupe to Great Pink Planet (looks pretty hideous on me, especially when you see it on my full face)

-StarGazer 115 – potential dupe to D’Lilac (another one that’s way too light for me)

-StarGazer 120 – potential dupe to Cosmopop and/or Great Pink Planet (kind of frosty, and definitely not a dupe to Cosmopop, as it’s definitely light pink; don’t think it’s a dupe to GPP either, since it’s frosty)

-StarGazer 123 – potential dupe to Cosmopop (I would say also not even close to being a dupe for Cosmopop – too pink and too frosty; sorry for the blurry pic, but you get the idea; pretty close to 120, too)

-StarGazer 122 – potential dupe to Countessa Fluorescent (maybe? it’s hard to say since I don’t actually have CF to compare it to in person, but it’s not as obviously wrong as the two supposed Cosmopop dupes above)

-Barry M 146 Dolly Pink – potential dupe to Countessa Fluorescent (another “maybe?”)

-Stargazer 136 – potential dupe to Centrifuchsia (I don’t know if this is a dupe for Centrifuchsia, but 1-it looks pretty close, and 2-I FUCKING LOVE IT!)

-StarGazer 106 – potential dupe to Retrofuturist (no, not a dupe for Retrofuturist; but hella fluorescent – even more so in real life, if you can believe that)

-StarGazer 127 – potential dupe to Retrofuturist (pretty close, I’d say, and my other favorite of the group)

-StarGazer 104 – potential dupe to No She Didn’t (um, no, not even close to No She Didn’t; but a very pretty…what is that, turquoise? dark blue with some green? whatever it is, pretty, but not No She Didn’t)

-StarGazer 103 – potential dupe to No She Didn’t (another “no,” but also pretty, nonetheless)

-StarGazer 110 – potential dupe to Styletto (I guess so; it’s a black lippy, and not that drying, so, yay)

Next step is to *finally* get some OCC Lip Tars and start mixing up dupes per these awesome “recipes”.


10 thoughts on “Swatch Monday: Possible Lime Crime dupes (7/4/11)

  1. SUPER helpful post… also: wtf on the Cosmopop dupes? Not even close. I hate it when people call dupes and the two colors aren’t even remotely similar.

  2. I want the D’Lilac dupe, the second CF dupe (can you tell I cbf listing numbers? haha) and that brightass neon coral! Can you share which ebay seller you bought from, since I’m assuming you had a good experience 🙂

  3. Ahh I love 136, 103 and 104. Also I have 106 but in an old formular where it was just called ‘6’ so I’m so glad to know what it’s called now!

  4. HOLY SHIT TO #104! That blue is insanely beautiful! If I didn’t live in conservative Midwest going to conservative nerd classes I would wear the dickens out of that lipstick.

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