I’ve been SO BAD about blogging, and EVER WORSE about commenting on people’s blogs lately! SORRY! So sorry! (But I’ve been good about keeping up with Twitter, which I always used to forget to even check. Although that reminds me that I’ve also been forgetting to check Formspring. Goddammit, too much social media to keep up with! I just want ONE. One place with everything. Preferably in my living and/or bed room so I can be lazy. In fact, how about I just stay home, and everyone I keep up with can just come to Durham and fill me in daily on their lives, while I lounge? I’m so funny.)

Helen very sweetly gave me a blog award like…two weeks ago. Because I’m an asshole, I found out yesterday while catching up on blog-reading. If anyone else did something similar, or is waiting for a response or something, I apologize because I only got through Lillian’s today, and now it’s 7:21, and we leave for karaoke in an hour (don’t think the “Yeah” people are even coming, pussies), and my sinuses are being little bitches and fucking up my throat so I’ve got to go take a nap. And then put on some clothes that I won’t sweat my balls off in at the Pinhook. Yes, my balls. I’m also medicine-headed thanks to generic dayquil.

OH MY GOD. WHY. Why did I make tonight and tomorrow (all day) SO BUSY?! I just want to go to sleep and wake up late afternoon on Monday, and not be sore-throaty. WANH. Wanh wanh wanh. Okay, so I’ll come up with some interesting facts to tell y’all for that award, and pass it on to other awesome peeps, and hopefully have some makeup-related posts for you, and then maybe my last video will fucking finally upload to YouTube, and then I’ve got to film another, and fuck it. I have a to-do list. Y’all are on it. But right now, I’m going to go makeout with my pillow because I’m an old lady. Seriously. Old, and whiny, and cranky, and sore-throaty. Haaaaate these sinuses. Fuckers.


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