I get to be part of a collaborative makeup channel!!! I’m so psyched, y’all! I feel like I’m pretty much a noob still, when it comes to makeup – need more practice blending, totes, and my color pairings usually aren’t that inspired (unless I’m copying someone else’s look), and my placement kills me sometimes (like below; ugh, should have been smoked out more, and the creases are sooooo different, which bothers me even though my eyes are different, whatever) – so I am super duper honored to be part of this. Even if I wasn’t part of it, though, I’d still be hella psyched about it. I think it’s a great idea, and going to be lots of fun. Here’s Wendy’s video introducing herself and the channel. Surf on over to the channel this week to see the rest of us introduce ourselves and do the 13 questions tag.

Also, I haven’t watched all the other intros yet – but I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’s not wearing ANY makeup for her intro. “Makeup Hero,” right? Eh, it was late, I was drunk (the only way I could calm down enough and keep it short), you love me, you’ll let it slide. This time.


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