Swatch Sunday, 6/19/11: Alison Raffaele Lipskins in Sing

Well, I did spend some time getting caught up on tweets (twats?) and commenting on posts and shit, but now all my attention is on Ice Loves Coco, no lie, so I’m doing this post during the commercial breaks. I meant to do more swatches (like some Sleek swatches that maybe haven’t been done elsewhere), but, I’m doing this during commercials, and going to bed right after, so you get one swatch. Yep. Sorry.

I’m pretty much in love with Lipskins. I’ve got Sing and Laugh, and I’ve got my eyes on Breathe. I don’t know if any other shades were made, but if they were, they’re going on my wishlist.

For comparison, here are my bare lips, and Laugh.


5 thoughts on “Swatch Sunday, 6/19/11: Alison Raffaele Lipskins in Sing

    • But now you’re watching it, too, so it’s okay! (If I just am slack enough in replying to comments, shit gets resolved! Yay! Which just reinforces my slackness. No, for real though, been busy as hell.)

      Thanks! I’m digging on sheer orange and peach tones, too, which is so weird for me because for the longest time I couldn’t stand orange, and wasn’t too sure about peach either. But I love it right now. Also in a kind of “everything pastel/candy-colored” thing. Weird.

  1. Gurrrrl we only need one lip swatch when it’s this pretty! I’ve never heard of Lipskins before. If they’re all this glossy and yummy looking I’ll need to add them to my huge list of crap to buy.

    • Aw, you’re sweet!

      I hadn’t heard of them either, until I went on a mad quest to find out what they put on Mary Louise Parker’s lips as Nancy Botwin on Weeds. Turns out, they use Lipskins. So I tracked the first one down, and the feel of it is sooooo heavenly, I was sold. Unfortunately they seem to have been discontinued – but are still available on Amazon and Ebay. As far as I’ve been able to determine, there are only three shades – but you better believe I’ll be posting if I discover more! LOVE them. Seriously considering getting backups, and I *never* do that.

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