FOTN: Posies & Weeds (6/4/11)

So, I wanted to go to this dubstep dance party. I don’t really dance in non-bellydance settings, but I like dubstep and wanted to see some local-ish djs do their thing, and I was really hoping I’d see some people who can throw down to dubstep. And maybe even dance myself, if I was so moved. So, light makeup that I didn’t have to worry about sweating off was the way to go. Sadly, I didn’t hear any dubstep, just late 80s/early 90s rap – not that I hate it, but I was *really* looking forward to dubstep, so it was disappointing. And a whole lot of people dancing awkwardly. Some of them were letting loose, and I have to respect that, but most of them were dancing in that “I kind of want to dance, but not really” awkward way where they hold back so they don’t look uncool, but then end up looking…it was kind of bad. I felt bad for them. (Which is really kind of shitty of me, but…it was super awkward. It just looked like they were twitching uncomfortably. I mean, at least have fun! You know? If you can’t relax enough and have fun with it, then come sit and drink with me, right.) ANYWAY! Makeup. Super simple, super cute, I think. (I left some of the close-ups super large, so you could see the peacock herl extensions in their true glory. Like velvet. Ugh, I love them. And need to put TONS more in.)

-Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Lightweight UV-Lotion
-Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Mildew
-CoverGirl VolumeExact Waterproof Mascara in Very Black
-Benefit Posietint (cheeks)
-Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Visual Kei

I think I love Posietint. I got a trial size, and I think I need the full size one. Benetint, on the other hand, is frighteningly liquid and stainy-red looking. Like it’d be real easy to overdo it. (Got a trial size of that, too.) And I *know* I love Visual Kei – why haven’t I worn this before?! It’s gorgeous and so pink. Ugh, new summer staple for sure.


14 thoughts on “FOTN: Posies & Weeds (6/4/11)

  1. Omg Kathy you look so pretty! Seriously those earrings (I’m going to call them that because I forgot what the proper name for them is again) and that hair and that liner is just a winning combo! There’s another 24/7 liner like that one that i love, think its Stash? except Mildew looks more green and Stash is brown. They have that same gold shimmer in them though. Seriously love that liner, but I hate how difficult they are to sharpen! Everytime I try, it just ends up breaking off so I mush the bits that break off into a little pot and apply with a slanted brush. Also, I used to use Benetint all the time, you just need a light hand and to blend it quickly, cause when it stains, it stains! Also those feather extensions are pretty, did you put them in yourself? Sorry for the extra long comment!

    • Psh. I don’t mind long comments at all. πŸ™‚ Thank you! I don’t know what those earrings are called, either. It doesn’t matter – but what does matter is, I was just thinking it was time to buy another bigass pair from the seller – and I can’t remember where I got them. I hope I blogged about it, I think I did. That would be lucky for me. And for about a minute I was like, “Shit – was it Mildew or Stash….” But Mildew’s what I left in my bag – and I’ve been leaving makeup loose in my bag until I post it, but I don’t have Stash in my bag, so it must have been Mildew. (Really bad of me, just letting makeup jumble around loose in my proper bag, not my little makeup bag. Something’s going to spill one day, I know it.) And thanks for the awesome tip about the breaky bits of UD liners – I have the same problems, but have just been trashing the bits. Now I can get some use out of them. Sweet. I think I’m going to try Benetint over the weekend, so if I really muck it up I’ll have time to remove/fix it before going out in public. And yes, I got the peacock herl extensions off ebay, and some crimp extension rings from Sally’s, and put those puppies in myself. I need to do a proper post on it, and give credit to Just Peachy for the tute I followed. πŸ™‚

  2. You look freaking fantastic in green and I love the peacock feathers! I’ve got four birds so I’m right in style with the bird feathers in my hair =p Now if only bird shit would come in style I’d be set,it seems like my little brats always manage to sneak one on me before important events lol.

    • Thanks! And what do you have? I had parakeets and finches growing up, and lovebirds about six years ago, and I really miss having birds as pets. (But I’m afraid the cats would try to eat one if I had any nowadays.) Birds are so cool (even if they do poo everywhere).

    • Oh! So cute!!! Yeah, ours were spoiled rotten and ate better than we did back then, too. They’re a bit like cats, though, in that they somehow make you want to spoil them rotten, even when they’re being persnickety. Maybe it’s just the satisfaction/sense of victory you get when they finally deign to let you handle them and/or do tricks. Hmm.

  3. Oh my birds follow me around like dogs and come when called,their favorite hangout is down my shirt which makes for an interesting conversation when the pizza guy comes knocking and one pops his head out.

    No cats here because of allergies,but I did have one when I was a kid. I’m pretty much a sucker for anything with fur or feathers ❀ How old are your kitties and how many do you have?

    • Cute! My favorite was taking the lovebirds in the shower – they would get so excited, and were so cute bathing and preening themselves. You should send a “birds in racks” photo to cuteoverload. πŸ˜‰

      We have two, Chalupa (9) and her son, Skeeter (6). They are usually loveys. Sometimes they’re little shits. But even then, they’re my little shits.

  4. You look super cute! hehe very recognizable, the akward dancing thingie heehee..
    I love to dance but the’re hardly any fun nights to go dancing to, so most of the time I get my kicks on gigs lol… but did I read correctly you do belly dancing? That’s soooo cool! I am gonna get my first lesson in september, and I am really looking forward to it.

  5. I was looking at this and thinking “Ooo what did she use in her crease it’s so lovely.” Then I realized that you didn’t put anything in your crease and it was just skin. WAH! You have natural depth in your crease I’m pretty jelly. I love how thick and sexy you made the liner. Green looks amazing with your hair!

    • I don’t know if it’s depth in my crease, or just shadows from my brows? But thanks! Now I’ll just be lazy and leave my crease bare all the time and be like, “….and what.” πŸ˜‰


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