TiLT: the sick edition

I’ve got some bug, and I’ve been wiped out for two days. I think I’ve been awake for maybe a total of four hours today, and I plan to go back to bed any minute now, so….yeah. Five hours awake, maybe. So I’m keeping this brief. Today I am so, so, so grateful for:
-GREG – he’s awesome
-Skeeter and Chalupa snuggling with me
-not vomiting
-having a job that gives me sick leave
-and sleeping


6 thoughts on “TiLT: the sick edition

    • That’s always how it was for me – as soon as I had a break from school, I got sick. Like it was just waiting for the free time. Boo to that. I stayed home most of Wed., all of Thurs. and Fri., and slept all day those days. I am feeling much, much better. Which is awesome. My boss was sick for about a week and a half, and I was afraid I’d caught his virus. Looks like I got lucky. Now to find some wood to knock on…

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