TiLT: On-time edition, what! (6/2/11)

Debbie Reynolds’s auction catalog/collection – so many pretties, so many awesomes, love it!
-sequined guitar straps (you can kind of see the sequins’ reflections in this pic – sorry I couldn’t get a better one) – this belonged to the guitarist in Jews and Catholics, who we saw play at the Pinhook with Adam Thorn and Tina Sparkle – and that whole show was amazing

-blowing a grrl’s mind the other night at the Pinhook. I was very amused (since I tend to think of myself as somewhat boring, and therefore not very mind-blowing). Here’s how it went down: we were talking about dance parties, and watching people dance, and I’d already mentioned that my husband worked at the Pinhook. Then I mentioned that in the late nineties, I used to go to Legends regularly, and she was like, “(head tilt)…Isn’t that a gay club?” “Yes.” “…but you just said your husband….?” And I was like, “….yeah.” And her friend immediately got it, but she didn’t, so then I had to break it down, all, “My husband’s straight; I’m queer.” And then she looked kind of gobsmacked. Not in a bad way, just in a befuddled way. She was a lesbian herself, which made me a bit confused because surely she’s at least met bisexual people, if not people on all parts of the spectrum? Anyway, it tickled me that, me, at 31, could still blow minds. Also, it just underlined for me how fucking farcical DOMA is, since it boils down to: 1-you’re not defending marriage (divorce, single parenthood, abusive marriages, etc, etc), 2-queers are getting married (me, for instance, or, say, couples in a poly relationship, or lesbians/gays in Canada or states where it’s legal), so really, 1-DOMA is a joke, and 2-you’re just being a dick to *some* of “the gays”, so obviously you’re failing in *your* goal of being a dick to all the gays, so you might as well just QUIT IT. But this is TiLT, not soapbox time, so I’ll step down. On with the fun stuff!
Adam motherfucking Thorn! Rocks it hard! According to Adam, Greg and I have seen him in all his musical incarnations – starting long ago with Tapeworm Love when he disemboweled a hugeass teddy bear at the Noble Street house. Which was hilarious. And messy. (Pretty sure that was the same night I fell out of love with screwdrivers.) Anyway, he played a show at the Pinhook (the same show with the sequined guitar strap) the other night, Saturday? Friday? Saturday? Let’s go with Saturday, and it was *fucking amazing*. “Nonstop Thinking Machine” makes me lose my shit. (Because it’s awesome, and catchy, and great, and makes sense, and also because *I’m* a nonstop thinking machine so…yeah, a little bit of narcissism-induced-liking there. I won’t lie. But also the line about getting closure is something I need to *know* on a cellular, non-rational, deep-self level, because, yeah, issues there; so I like it because it’s a good reminder. And catchy as shit.)

Tina Sparkle – did I mention that was an awesome show at the Pinhook? Did I mention *the Pinhook* is awesome?
-LONG WEEKENDS! Fuck yes! Because that also means extra napping and extra laziness!
-crafting for others (STILL, and ALWAYS)
-planning surprises
-when some dude biked past me and Greg on campus and yelled out, “Sweet hair!” Thanks!
-seeing bats and fireflies at night, on the same night! (I been waiting for them fireflies to come out, and they finally did last night. Do bats eat fireflies? Is that why I’m not seeing many this summer?)
-MADELEINES – per Robyn’s request, I will be posting recipes later, so I’ll save the pictures for that post, and leave this TiLT text heavy, muahahaha
-unicorn tattoos
-a Smuckers car (I don’t know – it was like the Weinermobile but it was for Smuckers. And the roof was painted like a Smuckers jar lid. It was pretty sweet. Wish I’d taken a cellphone pic at least. Oh well.)
-“Mary Jane’s Last Dance” (which, apparently “someone” was a little drunk when she wrote that down, because I actually wrote down “Rosemary Last Dance”)

-a hippie grrl in a gorgeous velvet-trimmed skirt walking barefoot in downtown Durham at about midnight
Edited to add: have fallen into a hole of this site, holy shit, so awesome, so inspiring, so weird, so lovely, so grotesque, so amazing. Sometimes I forget how much I love art, and all types of it. I guess because what I usually just come across in my day is kind of….meh, or shit I’m not into. (For example, was discussing Sasha Grey’s Neu Sex today – I mean, I guess it’s art, if she says it is, but it’s not shit I care about.) But then I find sites like Nihilsentimentalgia09, and remember/realize that there’s plenty of art out there that I *adore* and am amazed by. Maybe I don’t trip over it constantly in Durham, or my house, but it’s there if I look. Or, better yet, if I start to make the stuff I like myself. There’s an idea…


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