Slackest blog-reader ever, ugh.

Sorry, y’all, I’m trying to get caught up with all your blogs, and stay caught up with them, but….yeah. I’m a slackass. I think also I have too many blogs I want to read right now? But the problem is, they’re all awesome, and I don’t want to cut any of them. Usually when I need to cut, it’s pretty easy, like, “Well, this isn’t really my thing,” or “This is totally my thing, but no posts in a year, so…..time to stop daily checking.” Anyway, my point is – I got tagged by Just Peachy on Saturday – and am just now finding that out. LAME. I am lame. Also, it’s Thursday, so there should be a TiLT post, but…pretty sure that’s going to be late, too. On the other hand, been busy with real life stuff, so….it’s kind of okay?

So! The ABCs tag:

A. Age: 31

B. Bed Size: King, and it’s LOVELY

C. Chore you hate: Doing the goddamn dishes. It is the pits. We don’t really have an even split of chores in our household, when you’re looking at quantity or effort put into it (like I used to mow, but nowadays Greg does all the mowing and it is a BEAST). But the chores I do, I don’t mind, but he LOATHES, and vice versa, so it works for us. Greg does the dishes, and I scoop litter and do laundry. He usually cooks, but I’m trying to step up my share of that. And the rest….we play by ear? Honestly, Greg does more on a regular basis to keep the house and the yard looking neat, because I’m a fucking slob, but my guilty conscience is making me try to be better about helping out. Also, every once in a blue moon, I am POSSESSED by a cleaning demon, like the time a couple months ago I deep-cleaned the fuck out of the kitchen. And I can feel another kitchen deep-clean coming on, too.

D. Day: Thursday – almost the weekend, and a long weekend at that, woo!

E. Essential start to your day: Umm….waking up? I’m really not a morning person these days, and am struggling to adjust my night-time meds and other habits (bedtime, exercise, meditation) to be better about waking up in the morning. Caffeine has been AWESOME lately (even though technically a no-no). And morning green smoothies – love them.

F. Favorite Colour: Damn. Tough question. I’m going to go with green right now, is probably my favorite. But I’m also a sucker for pink and purple, and most shades of blue, and black.

G. Gold or Silver: Silver 99% of the time. It used to be “ONLY silver,” but I’m getting past that.

H. Height: 5’8″

I. Instruments: voice, ukulele, and trying to re-learn classical guitar

J. Job Title: Firm Order Specialist (I order books that librarians pick out, basically, in a really simplified nutshell.)

K. Kids: Never for us. But I don’t mind playing with friends’ kids (all the joy, none of the responsibility, heh heh). And I love random little kids that are cute and well-behaved, particularly ones in Target that point at my hair and say, “Mira! Bella!” to their family. Ahem.

L. Live: Durham, North Carolina, and I fucking love it. Durham is the best!

M. Mum’s Name: Frieda.

N. Nicknames: Technically Kathy, since my real first name is Kathryn. The only other nicknames I can think of are Greg’s petnames for me, and those are private. o.o

O. Overnight hospital stays: I’m assuming this means where you were actually checked in overnight, not just where you ended up waiting so long that you were there all night. So, in that case, once for pancreatitis (due to gall stones) and once for gall bladder surgery.

P. Pet peeve: A bunch, probably, since I can be a picky bitch. And a snarky bitch. But lately I’ve been noticing a lot of jackhole bicyclists acting like they’re the ONLY vehicles/people on the planet, and ignoring traffic rules, and almost running pedestrians down (not cool) and dangerously shooting out in front of turning cars when the bike does NOT have right of way and is in the driver’s blind spot, so….probably that. I mean, yeah, cars can seriously fuck up pedestrians and bikes alike, but…we should all be more careful, you know? Riding a bike doesn’t give you carte blanche to be a dick. Or riding through the quad during class change, and getting ill that all the students walking are slowing you down – or, worse, refusing to slow down and hitting them? Inexcusable assholery.

Q. Quote from a movie: “It’s not a tumah!”

R. Right or Left Handed: Left for writing, right for *everything else*. This is what happens when you’re one of, like, three lefties in preschool and elementary school, and there are only two pairs of lefty scissors and you don’t mind using righty scissors anyway. Shorter version: dominantly right-handed.

S. Siblings: Two younger sisters (20 months, and 12 years younger)

T. Time you wake up: I keep aiming for 7ish, so I can get shit done in the mornings (exercise, morning grounding, meditation, makeup), but I keep slapping snooze until about 7:50. It’s bad.

U. Underwear: Yes.

V. Vegetables you dislike: I’m learning that I really like vegetables, after years of hating all of them. I’m still not a fan of hot chilies/peppers, but it’s more a spice issue than a taste issue. Oh, and black olives = bleccch. Green olives….well, only on pizza for now.

W. What makes you run late: I’m almost always early – like, fifteen to twenty to twenty-five minutes early, and then (because I’m neurotic) I’ll circle the block so I “show up” “only” ten minutes early. But when I run late, it’s usually because I was dicking around with makeup, or on the computer, or watching tv.

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Let’s see. Left forearm, when I broke it in…second grade? (Trying to do tricks on the monkey bars and fell.) The first time I broke a toe, that foot got xrayed. I got a chest xray last time I went to the hospital with a panic attack. Plenty of abdomen xrays when I had gallstones, and they kept thinking it was anything *but* gallstones (even though the gallstones showed up on the xrays, and I’d told them my parents *both* had their gall bladders removed, because the pain was radiating oddly, the doctors thought it couldn’t be gallstones. That was fun.) A couple xrays of my teeth when I’ve gone to the dentist over the years. I think that’s it.

Y. Yummy food I make: Cookies. Cakes. Pies. Basically, anything sweet, because I have a killer sweet tooth. I do a good vegetarian lasagna. Tater tot casserole. Tomato and corn pie. Swiss chard pie.

Z. Zoo: BATS! They are my favorite, and SO CUTE!

Tag, you’re it, if you haven’t done this already!


2 thoughts on “Slackest blog-reader ever, ugh.

    • It was a tax refund purchase, and worth every penny. (But not that expensive, because we went to the Mattress Factory. I don’t really care about brand names, but pillow tops are fucking SWEET.)

      And yay for bats! One of my favorite zoo memories is the time we got to watch the vampire bats getting fed. It’s not actually that gross, and they are sooooooo shy it’s adorable. They were hungry, but a little scared of all the people standing and watching, so they did a slow crawl down to the feeders. Awww. Adorbs. And the neighborhood bats are all insect bats, so, even better.

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