Swatch Sunday, 5/22/11: Lipskins = total love

According to the Weeds Wiki, Nancy Botwin’s makeup includes Lipskins Tinted Lip Balm. And of course, now that I’m obsessed with her makeup, I had to track that shit down. And guess what? I finally found what I’m willing to declare a Holy Grail product: Alison Raffaele’s Lipskins. I may have to check out more AR products – although it looks like maybe the Lipskins Tinted Balms were discontinued, since the only lippies on her site are glosses. I got Lipskins in Laugh, and holy shit, do I love, love, LOVE it!!! SPF 15, great balm feel, moisturizing but not too slippery, and I love the way it just kicks your lipcolor up a subtle notch. This is pretty much *the* perfect peach-tinted lippie I’ve been lemming for a while now, but hadn’t found yet.
Naked lips:

Lipskins in Laugh (actually a smidge subtler than this in real life):


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