FOTN: Homage/Mood Makeup (5/6/11)

Went to a show Friday night, after having removed my makeup, taken a nap, freaked out about Skeeter’s foot (more on that later), and then decided to go to the show anyway, even though I was in a pretty foul, dark mood, since I’d been looking forward to it. I just wanted to go get kind of drunk (a rarity for me) and enjoy the bands, and sit on the back porch (the view is lovely, and the door was open so I could hear the bands), but then this fucked-up dude (no, really, his opening salvo was telling me how fucked-up he was on champagne and valium right then) made a skeevy comment about my flame tattoo (that would be the one on my left boob), which is where I realized that we had veered from not-uncomfortable small talk into territory I was too drunk to deal with. So I excused myself to “get another drink” and hid out on the “front porch” of the Pinhook (aka, the bench on the sidewalk), until Greg showed up. And I was drinking Rosemary’s Baby (rosemary syrup, lime, grapefruit juice, and gin – AMAZING), and those suckers are deceptively strong. I had two, and was *blitzed*. Not black-out drunk, but totally unsteady on my feet, in no condition to drive (so I didn’t, I had Greg come get me, and we got the car the next day), and a mite concerned about vomiting a couple times. But didn’t actually puke. Score. And now I know: only ONE Rosemary’s Baby, and that’s my limit. But, dang, they are tasty.

Anyway, so my mood going into this whole thing was…kind of dark and bleak, and so I wanted to put on some makeup to kind of communicate that, let’s say, so that people might be inclined to leave me alone. And then I thought of Aoife’s radass Brody-Dalle-inspired look, and was like, “That’s it!” Black eyes, some dark lips, a bit of a glare, Bob’s my uncle. Not so much, actually, but it warded plenty of people off. (Apparently champagne-and-valium-fueled dudes are impervious, but whatevs.)

-Too Faced Shadow Insurance
-Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow in Soot (just patted on and swiped around the eye kind of messily; I did blend a bit, but not too much, and wasn’t bothered about cleanliness)
-e.l.f. Mineral Eye Liner in Black (waterlines, smudged around upper and lower lashlines, too)
-L’Oreal Waterproof Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara
-Morgana Cryptoria Vegan Lipcolor in Mistress


10 thoughts on “FOTN: Homage/Mood Makeup (5/6/11)

  1. No wonder drunk dude was hitting on you, you looked hot! And you did it, you totally got the Brody glare down to a tee. It’s funny, more guys complimented me on the Brody racoon eyes then…. like, ever. Which I thought would be the complete opposite, “Oh, why do you have a ton of black shit all around your eyes?!” By the way, the Rosemary’s Baby cocktail sounds right up my street!

    • Thanks, lady! And, yeah, as much as my guy friends all *say* they prefer no makeup, they all lose their shit over women with dark, smoky, raccoon eyes. Suckers. šŸ˜€

  2. Well! Hottie mchottie pants I can see why people were hitting on you! The lip color and the smoldering eyeshadow is a total turn on! That drink sounds yummy too. I don’t drink much but I imagine that the gin is over powered by the tasty lime.

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