Today is just totally a FML day. Can I just go home and cry about it, please? Oh, no? I have to work? Yeah, well, I guess it is payday, and at least work isn’t FML right now.

Also, our internet is part of the big FML clusterfuck right now, so I’m posting this on my lunch break, and won’t be able to post from home, probably all weekend, most likely. Because our ISP is being shit. Whatever. Fuck it.

Don’t worry about me, though. I’m pretty down at the moment, and wallowing in the FML shit, but I don’t intend to let that last too long and ruin my weekend plans. Probably just be mopey and emo tonight. But I’ve got bellydance tomorrow, and plan on getting some sewing FINALLY done this weekend, and then taking a mini-retreat Sunday. And probably doing yardwork with Greg (bleccch, but then I won’t feel guilty about him doing it all by himself), or maybe it’ll rain. That would be lovely. But, ugh, right now, FML.


4 thoughts on “FML

  1. Bellydance (or walking, or heck, just dancing around the house to a favorite song) is good for shaking off the bad bitchies. And it’s Friday, so there’s a weekend! Sleeping in. Reading a book. Rewatching my Firefly DVDs. (And a new episode of Doctor Who.) Playing with the kitties. Painting my nails. And Generally Not Working. 😀

    Take care of you!!

    • Word, lady, you got the right idea. And that’s my plan, basically: let myself mope for a bit and be sad (cos some sad shit’s gone down), and then kick my own arse and do fun stuff. And yay for new Doctor Who! How I *love* River Song. And painting my nails. And being lazy and not at work. Absolutely! I like the phrase “bad bitchies,” too – somehow it’s easier to handle when it’s got a cute name for it. “Mean reds” is alright, but kind of harsh and hard to shake. But “bad bitchies”? Kind of makes me laugh, and that’s the first step to conquering them. Thank you!

      • I wish I could take credit for coming up with “bad bitchies” – but it isn’t mine. Send positive thoughts to James Alan Gardner for introducing that into my vocabulary. I just read it in a book he wrote (Vigilant – part of a sci fi series, but you can read it as a standalone) and fell in love with it!

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