Have you SEEN the hair feather tutorial over at Just Peachy? BRILLIANT. You NEED to go check it out. I am so psyched! I am totally doing this once I’m done dyeing my hair. And now I am going to send this tute to Jess (my stylist), so she knows about it, too, and can do it on the cheap.

This is why I love crafts, people! Because of all the times you can look at something neat, but overpriced, and think to yourself, “Psh, I can MAKE that myself!” and then go home and do it. Fuck yeah! Thanks, Peach!


6 thoughts on “HOLY SHIT, AWESOME TUTE!!!!

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! My husband put some more feathers for me. It was very easy. Just find yourself some grizzly hackle. Make sure and check fly fishing shops if you have any close. It will be your cheapest source and the same exact feathers salons sell!

  2. ‘I can make it myself, fuck yeah!’ is something I often find myself thinking and then I never do… maybe I should get my ass in gear and make some shit or some shit…

    • Yes, get your ass in gear and make shit. Or some shit. (Which is totally something I’ve said myself on occasion. “or some shit” being my go-to sentence ending.) 🙂

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