Hair doings

So, Jess cut my hair Friday and it was fan-fucking-tastic! As per usual. (Hey, Jess is a genius. I just go in, tell her what’s bothering me – my bangs and my “short” were too long – and then tell her to do what she thinks best, and she does, and it’s ALWAYS awesome!) She even gave me a blow-out, with this huge round bristle brush, and it looked soooooo good! And then I didn’t get a picture until Saturday, after sleeping on it, putting it in a ponytail for bellydance class, and sweating all up in it. So it lost a bit of the volume it had Friday, but it still looks pretty cute, I think:

Here it is right after the color-stripping, still wet, so it looks a little darker than it looks dry.

Basically, it didn’t pull the color out as much as I’d expected, and I’m kind of a redhead right now. But I was expecting it to be kind of…ugly and brassy. Which is fine, and I was totally prepared to rock that for two weeks, and then do a light bleaching, and go aqua. But this looks like it could have been deliberate, and Greg likes it, and I like it, so…yeah. We’ll see if shampooing with a volumizing shampoo for the next two weeks lightens it any. Jess was really interested in the process (since I’ve been able to switch back and forth between permanent, darker dyes and Manic-Panic-y colors several times, and my hair is still in pretty great condition), so I’m going to try to document it a bit better for her. I doubt it’ll be light enough in two weeks to go aqua (although I’m hoping I’ll be pleasantly surprised), but I’m not sure if the best thing would be two more weeks shampooing, another round of color stripper, or starting the bleaching process (which I suspect will be lengthy and sloooow, but that’s okay, because I’d rather keep the frying to a minimum). We’ll see. Shampoo for two weeks, and evaluate then. Fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Hair doings

    • Aw, thanks! In general, I prefer red in shades more like your own, but this is okay for now. I think it’s more of an Anne Shirley “red” than I’ve ever had before, so I’m enjoying it in the meantime. I hope it lightens the fuck up, though, so I don’t have to use too much bleach to get the aqua in properly.

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