TiLT! 4/21/11

-blue egg shell (robin’s egg?)

-the first irises of Spring

The Breaks – AMAZING live; wish I’d have enough money on me to buy a cd
-epiphanies/clarity/radical self-love/slowly figuring out what makes me tick, and getting a better grasp on things
-dogs enjoying car rides, with their ears flapping in the wind
-Jessie J – soooo awesome and adorable and I just love her songs and her style. This is my current fave:

-Liverpuddlian accents, like John Bishop’s (I actually have no trouble following him, and I think that accent is adorable, big teeth and all.)

SingSnap one-takes – it’s a game I’ve made up for myself, where I pick a song I’m pretty sure I know, but haven’t heard in a while, and record it on the first take; no practicing, and no listening to the song beforehand (& therefore getting practice to not take myself so seriously)
hooping indoors at 1 am!
-lazy weekends! staying up way late, sleeping in way late, and generally being more lazy & irresponsible than usual – it’s a great way to recharge your batteries
-Indian food with Jj & Amanda, catching up, great conversation; we haven’t hung out with them in a while, and they are too, too awesome, so I really enjoyed myself! (Also, the mango mojitos at Mint are like, double the size I expected, so I actually got pretty shitty, but it was all good)
-the RSL community
-Lil Buck & Yo-Yo Ma’s collaboration – utterly breathtaking and amazing and just makes so much sense

-decaf coffee and herbal smokes (*I realize that smoking *anything* is risky business, but I really like the ritual aspects of smoking, and getting to pretend I’m a dragon – I won’t lie about that – but can’t smoke tobacco/nicotine for a plethora of reasons, so I’m enjoying my Honeyrose flavored herbal smokes for the moment; not too often, because I haven’t had my shit together early enough in the morning to do decaf and herbal smokes, so it’s still a rarity usually saved for the weekends, but nice to sit outside and partake in a ritual thing. I can see how people would get “addicted” to coffee and a crossword puzzle, say.)
The Usual Error, and especially the concept of “the clawless swipe”/”fierceness” – both things I need to work on, and I’m trying
-pinterest! I love, love, love making lists, and I love making vision boards, but I haven’t done it yet *in real life*, and honestly? It’s so much easier to do it virtually on pinterest. No cutting and pasting, you know? (Pinterest seems to be getting slammed right now, so I can’t link my little vision boards at the moment. I’ll do it later.)
-good advice from friends who are great, empathetic listeners, and similar enough to me to understand my concerns, but dissimilar enough that they don’t have the same blindspots I do, and can give me a more balanced reading of things, and good advice 🙂 (Parts of this week have been somewhat trying for me, but we’re keeping it positive here, right? So that’s all I’m going to say about that. Oh, and: thanks, Richard! It helped immensely.)
-BATS! It’s bat season! LOOOOOVE IT! (video to come)
-ivy (or creepers or whatever)

-full moons – here’s April’s rising

-Milla’s Divine Comedy (on repeat all week – I’d forgotten how much I loved these songs, and how resonant some of them were; and now I have guitar tab?! whoa, watch out!)
-secret crafty projects and mailing things to people
-getting to watch birds preen themselves (one of the things I miss from when I had lovebirds, but I don’t think I’m ready for birds as pets again anytime soon)
-fuzzy caterpillars (I didn’t touch him, because sometimes they’re poisonous – but he might be a Leopard Moth Caterpillar, that would be the best! If I get to see a Leopard Moth in the not-too-far-off future; they’re gorgeous.)

GANGSTAGRASS! tonight! soooo excited!


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