TiLT! 4/14/11

-the idea/existence of spotlights, and thinking about how far into space they extend (kind of magical, right?)
-origami cranes

-the bear and lady mini picture I have on my desk (wish I knew who the artist was, but it’s pretty nonetheless)

-new tattoos, especially when they turned out so nicely, and feel like Braille or something on my skin
-uke jams
-when small talk is effortless (a rarity for me, I usually hate it with a passion, but this week…I don’t know, I’ve been more bubbly and outgoing, I guess)
-being able to afford generous tipping/generosity in general
-group meditation
Won-Buddhism Meditation Temple
-getting back in touch with old friends (thank you, facebook!)
-lovely scrawlings in bathroom stalls (the “suck” stands out because of the color, but if you look for the blue chalk, you’ll see someone’s written “you are so lovely” – yay for them!)

The Killing – When I first saw the trailers, I was like, “blah blah Twin Peaks fishcakes,” but I also knew I’d be its bitch. So compelling, so far.
-*finally* seeing the opossum that lives in one of our bushes – big monster
-possible baby-bunny-sighting in the honeysuckle bush – very excited about bunny-season πŸ™‚ (pic from last summer)

-random pins/gifts from the universe (yeah, it’s part of a marketing ploy, but I’m ignoring that in favor of the happy message on it)

-awesome tree cozies

-Eno River Rock Skippers – Gutbucket, banjo, fiddle, banjolele, and guitar? Be still my heart!

South Carolina Broadcasters


2 thoughts on “TiLT! 4/14/11

  1. I love how happy and positive these posts are. I’ve seen “things I hate” posts elsewhere on the internet, and this is much more fun to read.

    • Thanks! Keeping track of all the stuff I really enjoyed over the week, makes the week seem really awesome – even when it was objectively just a normal week. I’m really digging this positivity stuff – it’s much more enjoyable than the alternative. πŸ˜‰

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