Ugh, my Natalie Merchant impression used to be SO much better.

I mean, it was spot on. In college (a decade ago or so), I sounded exactly like her. But then I also listened to her obsessively and *tried* to sound like her. On the other hand, I think the raspy quality suits the old-time band we’re working on. So, first SingSnap recording, Happy Hogswatch, kids! Whether it’s a present or a lump of coal, I make no promises.

(I would’ve preferred “King of the Road,” but I just cannot hit that one high note today. Note to self: more vocal warming up/practice beforehand, less out-of-breathness, too.)

Old-time string bands to go watch, so later taters! An honest-to-goodness FOTD post is next (gasp)! Remember when I did those? Yeah. Anyway, xoxo


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