TiLT #3: 4/7/11

-TRAINS! (I promise this is a train passing in Durham – although it’s at night, and blurry, so you can barely make out the lights on the side and the NS logo, but it IS a train. And doesn’t the moon look amazing in this picture?)

-the view of Durham off the Pinhook’s back porch, especially on foggy nights

-GREG! On the one hand, I should probably list him in every single TiLT post I make, EVER. On the other hand, DUH, of course I should, and I don’t want to be too repetitive, or bore you to death about how I have such an awesome husband/partner/best friend. But while alot of this week has been incredible, and I’ve noticed some magical things, parts of it have been absolute shit and knocked me into tailspins of anxiety and distress – and who’s helped me find my way back out, to calm, rational, sanity? This guy, the absolute love of my life:

-finding feathers on the ground – like a delicate gift, a random act of kindness from the universe (even more fun is wearing them in my hair, as a reminder; and, okay, yes, they appeal to my tribal-fusion-costuming sensibilities; I’ve decided I need to wear more feathers)

The Remedy Diner, in Raleigh: AMAZING ambiance, DELIGHTFUL food, it’s just incredible, can’t recommend it highly enough if you’re ever in the area, can’t wait to go back again! The painting on the wall of the ladies’ room was so gorgeous, I just had to take a picture. (And there was a lovely lady with the most beautiful aqua hair I’ve ever seen, but I was too shy to ask to take her picture, so I just stared like a creeper. Also inspired me to funk up my hair color again; it’s just too fun.)

Remedy also had a great signed photograph of this guy – it just made me smile to see it; turns out, Sho Nuff was a downtown Raleigh icon. I’m sorry I learned of him after his passing, but happier than if I’d never learned, you know?

-getting a classical guitar at High Strung – she’s a Valencia, she’s beautiful, and I took one look at her and knew her name was Inez; so, so, so overjoyed to have a classical again; now to track down Brouwer’s Etudes simples and play them obsessively

-the “heli-pig” logo on Stephen’s shirt (not really sure what it is supposed to be, but it looked like a pig, with helicopter rotors coming out of it, so that’s what he dubbed it)

-the concept of pub golf

-ABSOLUTELY the utter kindness of total strangers, new acquaintances, and “old” friends (it’s a long story, that I’ll share later, but if it weren’t for one very, very, very awesome and observant necklace vendor on the streets of downtown Raleigh in the wee hours of Saturday night, I wouldn’t have found Greg and would have been unconsolably anxious and distraught for most of a day, instead of just a couple hours; shout-out to new and existing friends, too, for helping me look for him)

-gorilla stripteases (yes, I have video, and no, you don’t get to see it 😛 it’s for “the private collection” for a friend’s birthday)

-hooping (it’s hooping weather again! yay! SO much fun!)

-finally getting started on that string/jug/whatever band I’ve been on about, and having band practice – love it so much! It just makes me so utterly joyful, you don’t even know! I want to dance around like a little kid (and I would, but I have to hold a uke and sing, so, dancing would be awkward). I also get to watch/listen to Greg (acoustic guitar, so far) and Becket (banjo) be pretty badass on their instruments, and that is a wondrous thing indeed, just being able to watch/listen to a talented musician. Speaking of which, also: Uke Jams! Both at High Strung and hosted at my place or elsewhere. FUN!

-“No, RUN!…Why can’t they hear the soundtrack?”

-“My brain’s a nuclear neuron processor.” (uttered by Greg in his hilarious Arnold-impersonating voice, while watching Terminator)

-the serendipity of unknowingly pinning all my hair up on what turns out to be a really blustery day, so that I end up enjoying the crazy wind, rather than being irritated by all the hair whipping into my face nonstop

-paying more attention to, and being wowed by, beauty in nature, and the way light hits things, etc. (one of these days I’m going to get up *before* sunrise, and take pictures of it)


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